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Every Bee seems to post a big invitation reveal close to their wedding day. I've had my invitations for a while, so it's been hard keeping them out of my blog posts. I won't break tradition, but I thought I'd share my envelopes now since they arrived just a few days ago.

While I really liked the calligraphy that was on our Save the Date cards, it was a little modern.  I decided to look for someone whose work might be a little more ornate for our invitations.  I pored over blogs, Facebook pages, and websites.  There are so many beautiful styles of calligraphy out there and many calligraphers command some pretty steep prices for their work.  Calligraphy is an art, so I understand the cost.

When I found Elizabeth Bartucci of Tuccicursive (I believe that's pronounced like the last part of her last name + cursive), I was almost afraid to ask for a quote because her work was so beautiful. The quote was startlingly modest. I couldn't ship our envelopes quickly enough! About a week later, the package was back on my doorstep. I thought to have Liz address one envelope just for the Weddingbee so I didn't have to block out any of her beautiful letters...

Aren't they pretty?  You might recognize the envelope to the left of the Weddingbee one.  That one has already been sent to the White House in hopes that we get one of those congratulatory cards that they've been sending for the last few decades.

By the way, Liz posted on her Facebook page that her work is going to be in the March issue of Martha Stewart Weddings.  Isn't that exciting?!?

I'm curious about the wait to receive a response from the White House.  Did you send the President an invitation when you got married?  How many months did it take to get something back, if you got anything at all?


  1. Megan@twodelightedAugust 5, 2013 at 3:28 PM

    My sister just sent one in to the white house in September and they sent her a letter.  Very cool.  Beautiful calligraphy.


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