A Fabric Corsage for our Flower Girl

Do you remember the boutonnieres I made for our ring bearers, which I shared a few weeks ago?  I stacked rosettes made out of ribbon and added a little puppy figurine to make them a little less stuffy than the traditional boutonnieres that the groomsmen will be wearing.  My golden retriever is our constant companion (so constant that people seem surprised if they see us downtown without him!) and I thought it'd be fun to have a few references to him at our wedding.

In addition to our four ring bearers, Marc's niece (I'll call her Little M) is going to serve as our flower girl. I have a feeling Little M is going to love her role.  I wanted to give her something along the lines of the boutonnieres that would fit in with her position.  I decided to make her a fabric flower corsage.

I used almost the same method on this project that I used to make floral shoe clips for my bridesmaids. I wanted more floppy petals on Little M's corsage, so I downloaded a large template from the Martha Stewart Weddings website and used it as a guide to cut out some satin flowers in our primary wedding color, a deep blue-green.  This fabric matches the ribbon I used on the ring bearer boutonnieres almost perfectly and it's a very close match to the dresses our bridesmaids are wearing.

The blue flowers was going to be my base.  I layered at least 20 flowers cut from the same pink chiffon I had used on the floral shoe clips.  Folded the stack in half, then in half again, and used some thread to pinch the bottom of the stack.  From afar, it looks pretty cute, doesn't it?

I used some hot glue to attach the flower to a length if ribbon and tied it around my wrist to testing the corsage.  It was definitely light enough not to bother Little M. However, I wasn't as thrilled with the results up close.  I thought the flower looked pretty, but the chiffon was fraying pretty quickly.  I couldn't see a little girl wearing it all day without picking it apart.  From certain angles, the entire thing looked like a messy stack of floppy chiffon.

I went back to the drawing board.  I used a heat gun to warm the hot glue back up and pulled the chiffon flower off the ribbon.  Then I pulled a fabric flower that I bought at Michael's off its stem to see if it would be light enough for Little M. The fabric flower was actually lighter than the chiffon, which was a relief.

I glued the flower to the ribbon, but thought it was looking a bit too generic.  So, I pulled the plastic pistil/stamen thing out of the flower and hid the same puppy figurine that that the boys had inside the flower. 

When the flower is fluffed up, you can tell that something is in the middle, but you can't see exactly what it is. I think Little M will like her secret puppy. 

If Little M finds the flower too big or too heavy, we can simply tie it to her flower basket.


  1. I like it!  My friend had the same problem with the chiffon flowers on the belt of her bridesmaids' dresses. Totally floppy. We sat and sewed them into place so they wouldn't flop as much. 

    I think some people have used a candle flame to singe the edges and curl them, but maybe that was with silk? Not sure.

  2. i just love that there is a secret puppy!  that is really cute!

  3. Soooo pretty!  Now make about 100 more of those for me and I'll have my wedding flowers! Seriously though, we'll be doing this for the boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, and maybe some of the decor too.  Maybe I should hold a flower-making party -- assembly line + wine? :)


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