DIY Lawn Games

Remember the corn hole boards I painted for our wedding? I'm so excited to see people playing with them during our cocktail hour and I've been thinking about adding croquet and boules (aka bocci) to the mix to make things interesting.  When I pictured the scene, I realized that I was ignoring the little ones.  Our ring bearers and flower girl are a bit too small to take part in any of those games, so I decided to make a game just for them.

I'm pretty sure all of the little ones can understand and play tic tac toe, so I made a lawn version for them to play with.  To give credit where it's due, I saw a variation of this project in a magazine last year.  If I could remember the magazine, I'd share a picture or link, but I don't!

I had some canvas drop cloths around and cut a square out of them to use for this project.  I turned the edges under and secured them with fabric glue.  This gave the "board" a smooth, clean finish.

I contemplated painting the tic tac toe lines onto the canvas.  I came across some decorative duct tape at a gift shop and thought that it could have the same function and not get dirty.

I measured out five inch squares and taped them off with the duct tape.  I wound up with five inch squares, but I kind of wished I had made them a tad bigger.

I picked up some small, linen bags at a local cooking store to use as "bean bags."  These are the bags that are meant to hold bouquets garni in soups.  I dyed half of them to match the blue in the decorative tape and left the others plain.  I figured that closer to the big day, we could get some sand and fill the bags.

Once I finished this project, I realized that the colors were all wrong.  So...I did it again.  I used white denim and teal duct tape for the second attempt. I think the new set goes well with our color scheme and I also got to make it a bit larger than my original board.  I guess I'll give the blue tic tac toe set away.

Did you have to do any of your DIY projects over?  Did the second attempt turn out better than the first?


  1. carrie @ brick city loveAugust 5, 2013 at 3:27 PM

    You could also fill the bags with lentils or another dried legume. It won't filter through the weave of the fabric and get hands all grainy but it'll still have the heft you're looking for.


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