Channeling the God of Cake

Have you heard of Hyperbole and a Half?  It's a hilarious blog that covers a range of topics from the simpleton dog to the childhood exploits of the author and illustrator.  A little over a year ago, she wrote about being a sugar addict as a child and ruthlessly pursuing a cake made for a grandparent once she snagged a bite of it.

I had no idea that once I scheduled cake tastings that I'd morph into a bit of a cake monster myself.  All I could think about was cake.  Cake. Cake. Cake.

God of Cake is one of the funniest blog posts I've ever read / From Hyperbole and a Half

I manged to hold myself together on our way over to Charlottesville baker Anita Gupta's house one Sunday morning for a tasting.  Anita is the wonderful woman behind Maliha Creations and half of the team behind EyeCandy, a company that creates beautiful dessert tables.  I met Anita a year ago while attending an event for a charity I was working with as a volunteer (I have met the most interesting people while volunteering...more to come on that front) and was really looking forward to finally try some of her beautiful cake.

I was so excited to try our samples that I forgot to take a picture before we got started.  We each had a plate of cakes and a platter of fillings and buttercreams to share.  We tried almond, vanilla, lemon, chocolate pound, chocolate and red velvet cakes.  For fillings, we tried lemon curd, raspberry, chocolate ganache, and dulce de leche.  Our buttercreams were vanilla, raspberry, and coffee.  Anita makes plenty more fillings and buttercreams, including ones flavored with liqueur.

We were in heaven.  I was so caught up that I wasn't taking any notes as we tried different combinations.  Only after we kept going back to the same cake and fillings did Marc suggest we write some comments down.  I was really enjoying the bright, clean flavors of the lemon and raspberry fillings with the lemon and almond cakes, but was a little nervous that Marc would want chocolate and dulce de leche. He was hitting the dulce de leche pretty hard.

Marc attacks the dulce de leche filling

 I was so happy that there was plenty of common ground once we rattled off our favorite combinations.  It turns out that Marc was loving the lemon curd as much as I was!
Pardon my scribble...I was writing while eating!

At this point, Anita came back to guide us a little bit and explain other options that we had.  Her cakes have four layers of cake, which would allow for different fillings to be used within the same tier.  She suggested that we use the fruit fillings that we liked and add in some fresh fruit and buttercream as well.  Our tiers will ultimate look like this:

nom nom nom

As for the drawing, I have fallen in love with buttercream cakes that have a little texture and one, large flower on them. I've been seeing more and more buttercream cakes on the wedding blogs recently and I'm so happy.  They seem more organic and whimsical, which fits with our overall style.

I still think fondant is very pretty and can be a great platform for intricate or creative designs.  However, I love the soft look of buttercream.  I think it will also compliment my wedding gown, which designer Jorge Manual suggested when we chatted during my trip to Charleston to pick up the dress.

I actually found a picture of a cake Anita made a few months ago that would be perfect...if the fondant was traded out for butter cream.  It just so happens to have been photographed by my photographer during a styled shoot she put together at my venue.  Isn't that a nice coincidence?  

Another check off the list of to-dos!  We are SO excited about our cake.  Oh, and one of the best parts about getting a Maliha Creations cake is that Anita bakes a fresh tier for her couples on their first anniversary.  I think that is one of the most wonderful services.  We can eat the entire cake at the reception and no one has to worry about wrapping it up to go into the freezer.

Needless to say, Marc had to scrape me off the ceiling after I had cake and coffee for breakfast.  I truly channeled the God of Cake that day.


  1. Oh great, now I want dessert!  Your cake is going to be delicious :)

  2. OMG those cakes are to die for!!!!

  3. We got our cake from Anita and chose a lemon/berry combination, too! It was AMAZING. Can't wait to see your ultimate cake design. :)

  4. Yum, this post is making me hungry!  My husband and I love Hyperbole and a Half.  If you've had a bad day, just scrolling through her archives is always good for a laugh!

  5. I'm now ravenous for cake!!!!!!!  As always Jeannine, our tastes aline...I too ADORE buttercream, both the look and taste!

  6. Coffee Cake MonsterAugust 5, 2013 at 3:28 PM

    Great looking coffee cakes. Great blog. What can I say, I love this site!


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