Revisiting music for our wedding

When people think of the music at wedding ceremonies, there's a certain sound that comes to mind.   There are lovely groups of musicians who specializing in playing harps, violins, flutes, and cellos at wedding ceremonies.  While those groups always sound very nice when I'm a wedding guest, I wasn't all that excited about having that sound at our wedding ceremony.

As I explained in the past, we are hugely into music.  Marc hosts a radio show and we are loyal fans of improvisation.  At first, Marc thought I would want ultra-traditional music.  I did a little homework and looked at area musicians who play wedding ceremonies.  They all looked wonderfully talented, but none made me excited.  I told Marc that I couldn't imagine any of the people I found at our wedding.  I wanted upbeat music that would make me smile, nothing that sounded solemn or sacred. I wanted "our" music and I wanted guitars.

That's when Marc contacted this guy:

I'll address the guy on the right at the end of this post / Image from The Hook / Photo by Tom Daly

William Walter is the front man of William Walter & Co.  They're a Charlottesville based band that tours regionally and plays the festival circuit each summer.  While Marc knows William pretty well, I was convinced that playing a wedding was way beneath this guy in light of the crowds he usually plays in front of during the summer.  Remember, I think about opportunity cost a lot and I imagined a Friday night in June being a pretty big night for gigs.

I shouldn't have worried! William was more than happy to play for us!  He (and that mega watt smile) are going to play our ceremony and cocktail hour.  When Marc shared the news, I had one of my "eek!" moments.  I'm SO excited about this!  Our out-of-town guests probably won't know who is playing at our ceremony, but I imagine our local friends will pretty excited to see William at our wedding. 

Oh, and the goofy guy to William's left in the band shot at the top of this post?  That's Tucker Rogers.  He's also in the other two pictures, but with short hair.  William said he's going to bring Tucker along so we have a duo.  Double eek!  We'll have William Walter and Tucker Rogers playing for us!

Here's one problem: I'm totally blank when it comes to specific songs we should ask William and Tucker to play.  I've never been to a wedding that didn't use very traditional music like Pachelbel's Canon and Ave Maria.  Where does the non-traditionalist look for music inspiration?


  1. classicalguitaristAugust 5, 2013 at 3:18 PM

    I watched the video. These guys really know how to rock! Amazing band! I'm a wedding guitarist as well!

  2. The Book of Love...

  3. I would look to your very own music collection for inspiration - I'm sure you two have a favorite song that you could turn into a sweet acoustic version.  On another note, I haven't booked my ceremony musician yet, and I'd thought having a harpist play Ave Maria at my non-religious ceremony was going to be unique.  Do people really have that played a lot?  I haven't been to a wedding in ages so I wouldn't know. :) Oh well. 

  4. I had a really hard time with music too!  I didnt want the traditional Here Comes the Bride either.  Although I did walk down the aisle to Cannon in D with my dad, ONLY because he used to play it ALL the time on the panio for my brother and I as we fell asleep when we were kids.  Other than that it was a blank for me.  We looked up a ton of you tube videos, looked up every Wedding Music site we could find and finally decided they were all so traditional and we had to come up with our own.  I ended up using James Taylors, You've Got a Friend for my girls to walk down to- which I LOVE 1. because James Taylor is from Boston, and 2. because the whole song is about friends and thats who was walking down the aisle, my friends!  Our family walked down to My Life by the Beatles, and at the end of the ceremony we walked out to Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.  We arent huge Beatles fans either, it just happend to work out that we loved both the actual music and the meanings of the songs.

    I'm sure this wasent much help as I just listed what we did- but I'm sure you will come up with amazing songs!  Good luck!!

  5. I completely understand. My husband is a musician and I'm a big music fan so picking out songs was the longest wedding task for us to complete. His brothers and a friend did the music for our ceremony (two guitars and a piano). While it was a religious ceremony we wanted to do something different. The wedding party processed to Bach's Cantata 156 arranged for guitar and I walked down the aisle to Hymne by Vangelis. During the ceremony we had a rendition of Come Thou Fount inspired by Mumford & Sons. The recessional was a instrumental version of Wilco's I'm Always In Love that our dj played again for our entrance at the reception. 

    We had a jazz trio play the cocktail hour (a nod to my husband's jazz background) and a dj for the rest of the night. Even though we agonized over every music choice it was well worth it and one of the details we'll remember from the day.

  6. M Tucker RichmondAugust 5, 2013 at 3:29 PM

    All The Best and Angel From Montgomery are INCREDIBLE covers that Willie does. I would also vote for Without My Clothes, Concertina, and When I Leave For California -- three of my all time faves from him. Great choice and this is sure to be a success.


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