An Unexpected Surprise

When I originally told her that I was totally against bringing lighting into our venue, a friend asked me what I had against lighting. Thinking about it, I felt a little silly.  After all, we follow a band whose lighting guy is deemed the fifth member of the band. People actually shoot video of him working at shows.  Having stood under his lights quite a few times in my life, unable to blink for fear of missing a second of the show, I think it's safe to say that I'm a fan of lights. 

Unfortunately, when I think of lights at weddings, my Jersey roots come out and I picture ballrooms with bold hues reaching every single corner. The rooms are literally washed in purple or pink or blue. The feel is almost theatrical.

That's fine for a hotel or banquet hall, but it seems totally out of step with a vineyard wedding.  In my mind, the vineyard wedding should play up the environment. I don't think of strong, harsh lighting when I envision our wedding.  Somehow, vineyards don't feel like venues that call for structured beams of light racing from the floor to the top of the wall.

I would probably coo over the lighting schemes above if I saw them at a concert, but I can't fathom them at our wedding.  I'd like to embrace our space and its surroundings, not throw up sheets of lights to cover what is there.

This reminded me of concerts we love where people throw glowsticks into the air during instrumental parts of songs /  

A good friend who worked for a local event company for years convinced me that lighting could be done tastefully.  He said he could create a lighting design that would compliment the room instead of take it over.  Though he moved away a few years ago to work in a larger market, he's coming back to Charlottesville to light our wedding. 

I never even put lighting on our "to do" list because I was convinced we wouldn't have it.  This is a total surprise!

Did you have anyone surprise you with a service when you were wedding planning?


  1. I didn't want to deal with lighting either. Partly because of your reasoning and partly because I didn't want to pay for it. Then I got thinking about how my guests might be sitting in the dark at our reception and all my hard work will have been for nothing if they can't see it! We're meeting with a lighting guy on Thursday...I'm hoping to focus on the warm/yellow lights to add a soft/romantic glow, not color.


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