A New Look by Katelyn Brooke Designs

A few months ago, I started reading a new blog by a woman in nearby Lexington, Virginia called Stripes and Polka Dots.  I loved the look of the blog and soon found out that the blogger was also a designer!

If you're reading through a reader, you better click through and see what Katelyn Brooke Designs did to my blog over the weekend.  I'm in love!  I think her profile boxes are the coolest I've seen and I love how she has adapted to incorporate Pinterest buttons into her designs to stand alongside Facebook and Twitter links.   If you check out her website, I think you'll be stunned by how reasonable her fees are. 

Want to know more?

S&C: What's your background?  How did you get into web design?
KB: I graduated from college with a degree in architecture, but after four years of studying it I felt kind of burnt out.  I always loved the graphics element of my schoolwork.  I loved design and I loved blogging, so last fall I took a blog design course.  I was hooked!
S&C: How would you describe your design aesthetic?  Do you have any design roll models whose work you admire?
KB: I would describe my design aesthetic as fresh and feminine.  I really appreciate simple designs, and my favorite blog designs are often modern, artistic, or preppy.  I definitely follow the work of other designers- I love the work of Redbud Designs, Viva la Violette, and Lulapalooza, just to name a few.  One of the features I'm working on running more regularly on the KBD blog is about design inspiration!

S&C: You have more blogs that most.  Talk about why you keep them separate and how you manage them.
KB: It just kind of happened that way.  If I could do it over again I would try to consolidate them, but I'm not really sure how because they are all about pretty different things.  Stripes and Polka Dots is where I blog about my life and whatever random stuff I feel like posting about.  It was blog I started in August 2009 when I first started blogging.  Sketch and Wash is focused on art and photography, and was in the works when I moved to Lexington in August and found myself needing a creative outlet.  It just launched in November, but eventually I would love it to be more professional and more about a community of art bloggers.  Katelyn Brooke Designs came when I decided that I wanted to start a blog design business, but posting on the blog is still kind of sporadic.  One of my goals for 2012 is to get a few regular features going on Katelyn Brooke Designs and Sketch and Wash so that posting will be more regular.

S&C: You planned your wedding during your 4th year at UVa.  Talk about that experience.  I have to imagine that few friends were in the same place at that time.
KB: I guess it was a very different experience than most!  I only knew one other girl at UVA who was planning her wedding at the time, although I know of others.  On one hand it was kind of fun to be the the first and only one of my friends to be planning a wedding; everyone was excited and really eager to help.  On the other hand, sometimes there were times that I got stressed about what I had to accomplish and felt like I was too busy with school things.  It was convenient though because the wedding was in Charlottesville, and my family lives in Northern Virginia, so I was able to meet with wedding vendors during the week if I needed to when I didn't have class.  Mostly though I don't remember planning my wedding that much while I was at college.  The bulk of it was done over breaks, and all of the crafts and DIY stuff was done at home.

S&C: What do you miss most about UVa?  About Charlottesville?
KB: Other than my college friends, who are no longer in Charlottesville for the most part, the thing I miss most about UVA is Grounds, the Corner, and the FOOD.  Charlottesville has the best food.
S&C: What do you like best about living in Lexington?  Where should Cville people go if they come down for a visit?
KB: Lexington is the most self-contained town I've ever lived in.  The town itself is really quaint and historic, and the campus of Washington and Lee is beautiful (although not as much as UVA in my opinion- my husband and I like to debate about it!)  Although I don't see us living here long term, I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to live in a small town like this.  The scenery is really beautiful and I highly recommend a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

So...what do you all think of Small & Chic's new look? 


  1. I should rephrase my question. Your prior blog had a different design prior to moving over to this current design. Who created the design that was on your blog prior to this design that is up now?

  2. I can no longer pin off your blog.  What happened?

  3. Very clean design. Just out of curiosity who designed your other blog??


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