An unexpected shoe edit

I previously shared that I was never really shoe obsessed before getting engaged. The lust for designer heels that Carrie Brawshaw seemed to usher into the mainstream never really hit me. I like shoes and I have plenty of them, but only after getting engaged did I really start poring over foot ware options.

My suspicion is that during the early days of our planning, our "to-do" list seemed long and I was intimidated. Shoes were something I could handle. Shoes didn't require signing contracts or vendor meetings. So I went shopping.

Remember the $8 pair of shoes I found at the J. Crew Warehouse Sale in Richmond? I was pretty proud of my deal, but the more I looked at the shoes, the more I wished the flower embellishments at the toe weren't so worn and rumpled from being thrown in a big box with dozens of other pairs of shoes at the sale.

 Photo by Miss Mink

One Saturday morning, I decided to poke around and see if I could fix the flowers.  Peeling the flowers up, I realized that they were sewn together and glued to the shoes.  Maybe I could pull them off, iron them, and reattached them to the shoes!

 Photo by Miss Mink

I couldn't believe how quickly I reached the point of no return.  I peeled a little more and the flowers just kind of fell apart.  Oddly, I felt really badly about ruining my $8 shoes.  As I looked at the fabric petals on the table, I was thinking "I want my little flower back!"

 Photo by Miss Mink

 Here's when my practical side took over.  Thank goodness this happened over the weekend and not last spring, when shoes seemed like a big deal.  At this point, some of the little details just don't feel as critical as they did early on.  They're shoes.  They'll be under the dress and won't be inspected too, too closely.

I decided to get a pair of shoe clips to take the place of the flowers.  I considered making my own, but found a fairly simply pair by Absolutely Audrey and snapped them up.  After they arrived, I wound up finding these shoes clips all over the bee! 

Photo by Miss Mink

I'm not head over heels (ha!) for the entire look, but I'm happy that they look more polished and less ragged than before.

I could have draw this out and searched every vintage shop in town for a pair of shoe clips.  I could have spent hours scouring ebay and Etsy for clips, too.  In the end, I'm happy that I fixed my little mistake quickly.

Did you simplify any wedding related projects or decisions that could have been drawn out?


  1. Total serendipity that those flowers didn't work out b/c I think the jewels elevate these already gorgeous shoes to a new level! I also think that the jewels have that vintage vibe going on.

    And what I think is obviously crucial, HA! Wow, way to make this comment about me.  Sorry J. =] Seriously though, you turned the shoes into a custom design!

  2. I think they look great!! They also go with your reception shoes now too!

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  4. Oh, I'm sad to see your flowers go, but the clips are very elegant and pretty.  Good solution. 

    I simplified the wedding venue. We found palm trees, an eco-friendly approach, and locally source food at our venue, and I decided to just bite the bullet and not shop around.  Because I realized that I could quickly turn just the venue selection into a multi-month process.

  5. Your clips look great.

    The resale gown I bought had some tired looking silk flowers that needed replacing. A quick trip to the garment district and I had a nice replacement selection.

    Your shoe post reminded me of the pair your Mom brought back from Paris on her first trip there back in the 60's. They were from Louis Jourdan, black suede with contrasting green satin bow and heels. They were so glamorous and over-the-top beautiful. She looks like a million dollars when she went out on dates back then.

  6. I think they look great!  

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