Gathering Escort Card Inspiration

Am I the only one who gets fired up for a DIY project?  I love my wedding projects, even the ones that are a little painful to complete.  The next project on the horizon is figuring out how to get our guests to their seats.  I almost put an exclamation point there.  Wow.  

I knew right away that I wanted to use escort cards instead of a seating chart.  I'm sure you've seen these charts, which seem to have been everywhere for the past few years:

The window pane seating plan is very cute, but if we were going in that direction, I think I'd be more tempted to try to this more polished adaption, using a large, leaning mirror:

I think an escort card display will be a fun way to use that deep, blue-green color that I love so much.  I also like that there's always a little conversation among guests as they pick up their cards and many use some sort of embellishment on their cards to give servers a heads up about meal selections or allergies. 

We have many vineyard weddings in my area and the "go to" escort card display would be the one that uses wine corks. I struck that from the options because it's kind of expected. I wanted to do something a little more creative.

There are some beautiful escort card displays using frames and ribbon that appeal to me a lot.  Spreading the cards across a few frames would also allow multiple people to pick up their cards at once. 

I stumbled upon some escort cards using spools, which reminded me of the spools I sent to my bridesmaids to ask them to be part of the bridal party.  Of course, no one else really knows about those spools, but I'd hope they'd think this was a cute idea. 

If you've been keeping an eye on floral trends, you might have seen carnations come back in a big way a couple years ago.  People are using them in pomanders and garlands and the effect is pretty striking.  I found a Martha Stewart project that used pink carnations put a new spin on the grass card displays that have been around for a few years.  I love the effect!

Honestly, I love ALL of these ideas and many more that I didn't share for fear of making this post way too long! I know most people would set escort cards out on a table and move on, but I pretty excited to figure out a way to incorporate my color and perhaps the fabric that I've used in other projects in yet another way at our wedding. 

Do you prefer escort cards or  a seating chart?  Have you seen one work better than the other at a wedding? 


  1. Guests really appreciate a great display for these cards, I say get as creative as you can!


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  3. Anything that can double as a favor is great.  For our wedding, I'm thinking about getting mini pots or watering cans and putting a little bag of seeds in each one, with the escort tag attached to the top of the bag.  (Saw a picture of it in the new issue of The Knot we picked up at the Wedding Classic.) :)


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