The Four Shoe Bride

I think I have a problem, Hive. I've been keeping something from you. My first and second wedding shoe purchases aren't a secret.  The $8 pair of peep toe Mary Janes from the J. Crew Wedding Sale were bought before I even had a dress. I told you about tweaking them a little bit just a few days ago. The second shoe purchase was a pair of Butter d'orsay heels that I found online.  They were too big and I knew I couldn't wear them. Now, I didn't tell you about my third and fourth shoe purchases and now it's time to come clean.

Photo by Miss Mink

My third shoe purchase was at a charity bridal shop that is sent samples and overstocks from some very well know wedding salons. I thought they'd be a good back up option in case my $8 pair didn't work out.  The Lauren Jones pumps were a great deal and I didn't feel too indulgent when I bought them.

I considered my wedding shoe buying over and went on to other things. I should have remember that while browsing the BHLDN website a couple months ago, but I couldn't resist clicking on the shoe link. The blue, sparkly t-strap heels on the right in that photo jumped off the page. About a second after I saw them, I literally closed my browser. I felt like I was looking at forbidden fruit.

For three days, I would go back to take a peek at those shoes. I finally decided to get them.  I figured that I would wear the J. Crew shoes for the ceremony and the BHLDN t-straps for our reception. I would sell the Butter d'orsays and the Lauren Jones pumps.  When the blue shoes arrived, I loved them.

Photo by Miss Mink

Ultimately, I spent less on my four pairs of shoes than some do on one pair.  Still, I feel a bit guilty about all these purchases.  I'm not one to splurge all that often.


  1. Dang, you've found so many good pairs...even if you didn't need them all.  I'm glad you have finalized your shoe wardrobe, now you can worry about other things!

  2. Love the latest pair ... they are a standout number! 

  3. I have the same J.Crew shoes I've worn to quite a few Long Island wedding venues.  Don't worry, you can always wear them on other occasions. Honestly, who can't have too many pairs of shoes anyway?

  4. Jeannine, what size are the Butter's?


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