An Escort Card Display for the Fabric Addict

When I find a great fabric, I want to use it everywhere!  I know I have good company in light of how Chiang Mai Dragon by Schumacher took the design blogging world by storm last year.  People were finding ways to incorporate the design into everything.  Someone even painted an entire wall to mimic the design

I'm as crazy for the Robert Allen fabric called Vintage Plumes I'm using for wedding projects.  Since I don't think the kind folks at Pippin Hill Farm would be down with painting their space just for me, I'm looking for different ways to bring the pattern and its colors into our wedding.  I already created table number frames using the fabric and I decided that our escort card board could showcase a big piece of it.  I was inspired by a board I came across while trying to find a template for another project on the Martha Stewart website.

Without a die cutting machine (I really want a Silhouette!), I went online to find paper I could run through my printer that had perforated tags on it.  I found one website that had what I wanted after much searching and placed an order.  About a month later, Avery came out with the same product and it's probably at every office supply store in the country.  Oh well.  Next, I had to create the board.

Making the fabric escort card board was super easy.  All I needed was a 24" by 36" bulletin board, enough fabric to cover it, a staple gun, glue gun, and something to use as trim.  I added a layer of white felt on top of the cork because my fabric's weave wasn't super tight.  The look of the fabric was brightened with the white base under it. 

It wasn't totally necessary, but I used a little seam sealer to step the edges from fraying.  I love this fabric so much that I was bummed about losing even a few strands when I cut the length needed for the project.

I wrapped the board and used my staple gun to secure the fabric in place.  So easy!

To finish the edges off, I debated using grosgrain ribbon or nailhead trim. The nailhead would be a nod to my interest in interior design, but I planned on using upholstery tacks to secure the escort cards in place and worried that there would be too much metal on the board. I also thought that nailhead on the sides might make the board less stable if we set it up on an easel. 

I think the entire board would look better with the grosgrain ribbon a little more visible. I might add a second layer of grosgrain so it shows on the front of the board, but I have to measure out how much space the cards will take up before I do that.

I have to decide how we'll prop this up at the wedding.  Originally, I thought about buying a used, professional wood easel from an artist on Craigslist and refinishing it (then selling it after the wedding).  I also thought that a table top easel would work well.  I might have to revisit Pippin Hill to look at the space where the board will go before I make a final decision.  

I think I'm on a DIY roll!  Looking at my list, I still have quite a few projects left, but I think I'm in a good place with five months to go before our wedding.

Have you really enjoyed your DIY projects?  What has been your easiest project?  What has been your favorite? 


  1. Beautiful!  I'm definitely keeping an eye on all of your projects for my own inspiration. :)  I got a little hand-held paper cutter at Michael's that cuts out little tags.  I love it. Didn't know Avery had them.

    Thanks for inspiring me. I'm so glad you're getting married in the same month as me, because it keeps reminding me that I need to stay on track and start knocking out the DIY projects!


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