Registry Regret

In October, I spent a few hours at Macy's to create our registry.  I was pretty happy with how it went and felt like Macy's registry page was easy to navigate and simple to use. 

Last week, when Rue La La had some items from my china pattern for sale, I wondered if the pattern was being discontinued.  I quick went to Macy's and saw a bunch of notes that looked like this:

While that screen shot is of a note on my flatware, it was also under every single item on my china list.  I called Waterford right away.  They told me that they didn't discontinue my pattern and that demand actually exceeded the supply.  They couldn't keep it in stock because it's pretty popular.

Macy's decided on it's own to stop carrying the pattern, which is kind of funny in light of how popular it is.  In about 10 minutes time, I moved my entire registry over to Bed, Bath & Beyond.  See ya later, Macy's!

My mother went in to BB&B to buy something off the registry and told me that she found the people in the little wedding office to be very helpful.  She thought the process of buying off the BB&B registry was quick and easy.

Anyone have any great experiences with registries?  How about not-so-great experiences?  I'm curious if Macy's routinely discontinues items despite them being popular. 


  1. I got married earlier this year and I actually had to change my china selection 3 times because of Belk. Bed Bath and Beyond had every possible china collection known to man, and Belk was too stuck up to keep up!  I registered at both, because I am from a small town and Belk was the closest department store, but I wanted to have the china registered at both stores.  BBB was by far the best place to register.  I didn't do this, but I have heard that if you take something back to BBB after your wedding from the registry that they will give you cash back!

  2. Jeanine my daughter in law had a very good experience with Targets Registry.

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  3. Thanks for bringing this up!  I'll keep it in mind when it comes time to create my registry.

  4. I had a similar experience with Macy's.  I registered for sterling silver flatware and the website would only list it as one item (containing all pieces and place settings) which ended up being thousands of dollars.  When I asked them about it, they said that they only sell sterling silver direct from the manufacturer as a full set.  This seemed kind of ridiculous to me because I can't imagine any bride expecting someone to purchase something that expensive from their registry. 

  5. BB&B is seriously overlooked in terms of wedding registries, but IMHO it is the BEST EVER!!!  First off, they're constantly sending out coupons which saves you and your guests money (of course some brands are always excluded from those, but they're the same ones that are always excluded everywhere).  Almost everything is available online and there is a store in just about every town, so it's super easy for your guests to shop.  Plus, they carry everything you can get in a department store or Target and even the stuff you find at more specialty places like Williams-Sonoma.  I've also found returns to be super easy.  You don't have to have the gift receipt and they'll give you back what the person paid for it even if the item has gone on sale.  Love me some BB&B!

  6. I didn't have any problems with china/flatware being discontinued at Macy's, but I did have a problem with getting more of the same item than we'd requested. We registered 8 sets of flatware and ended up getting 16! Either the online registry system wasn't well managed, or people just went into the store and asked what we registered for and it wasn't documented. Thankfully we can return half the sets, but still kind of a pain. We also had a BB&B registry, and so far no problems there.

  7. My experience with Macy's was terrible from setting up the registry to getting the orders for my china fulfilled.  There wasn't a good alternative, though, that carried my china pattern and everything else I wanted.  I'm glad you got yours taken care so easily.


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