I'm back...sort of

Since I became a Weddingbee blogger about a month ago, almost every free moment I've had has been dedicated to getting my Miss Mink persona up and running on the site.  Well, at this point, I think I'm in a comfortable rhythm and can get back to updating you all on what's happening at Maison Small & Chic.

During the start-up phase at the Bee, I was a two-posts-per-day blogger, which took quite a bit of time...time I don't necessarily have during my busy season at work.  I'm not longer a newbee and my pace is my own now.  I have a self-imposed pace that mimics the one I had here for the last few years.

If you want to follow me in both places, hit the Weddingbee image above and you'll be taken to my line of posts on the site.  Go to the main Weddingbee site to see the posts from all of the bloggers.

If you are getting married or think that is on the horizon, consider starting a blog and applying to be a Bee when you are 7 months away from your wedding.  I had no idea that becoming a Bee is akin to joining a sorority.  The Bee bloggers are a sorority where creativity and writing skills are the common bond.  I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing group of women.  After just a few weeks, I feel overwhelmed by the support I feel as part of the group. 


  1. I loved reading the bee posts when I was planning, but couldn't handle the pressure of posting on a regular schedule for them even if I wanted to.  Can't wait to see your posts over there, heading there now....

  2. I am glad you are a bee.  I applied twice and didn't make it back when we were planning our wedding....it was very hard for me then...haha...but glad that it's been a good experience for you.

    Here was my post about it in my old wedding blog....


  3. Jeanine help!  We are planning a wedding 4 months away on $4K!!!  In C-ville!  We need to win some dresses or anything!  Can you keep us posted on contests that you hear about?  BTW love your weddingbee posts.


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