Creative table numbers

I've been going to weddings for ten years and I have never seen table numbers handled in a creative way.  This might be why I love seeing pictures of interesting ways to present the numbers on wedding blogs.  I knew that I'd be making our table numbers pretty soon into our planning.  I just had to find a favorite idea among all the inspirations pictures on my Pinterest boards.

Marc, who seems to notice more details than the average groom-to-be, couldn't fathom what I meant when I talked about our table numbers.  I think he was also used to just seeing a simple number on a metal stick.  As with all of my DIY projects, he was encouraging and was on board once he saw some pictures.

One idea we nixed was using places, songs, or some other words instead of numbers.  We had been watching an episode of Four Weddings during which the guest brides couldn't find their seats in a large reception room because the tables had names instead of numbers.  Perhaps the words being used were in alphabetical order, but the poor guests seemed lost.

We briefly considered a combination of numbers and pictures.  We thought about staging a photo shoot with Baxter in which he'd have the different numbers on or around him, but we decided that from afar, the numbers probably wouldn't stand out.  We visualized our guests being just like those on the Four Weddings episode.  They'd be wandering around the room, peering at the tables in attempts to figure out which one was theirs.

I made the clay plaques above by following the tutorial on The Sweetest Occasion's blog, but they wound up being the size of a playing card.  That seemed a bit small.  I used white clay, but there wasn't any contrast in color and I again worried about people being able to see the number from afar.

Using chalkboards was a cute idea, but they felt a tad too rustic for the overall feel we were going for with our wedding.  I can be a perfectionist when it comes to projects and I knew I'd want my chalk numbers to be the prettiest ones ever made, which would probably mean freaking out with chalk all over me on the morning of the big day.

From Merrily Wed / Photo by Courtney Aaron

When I found pictures of moss numbers, I was pretty excited.  I already made moss covered letters to use outside, so the little letters could continue the theme.  They were so cute!

When I came across pictures that used patterns, either with fabric or paper, the thoughts of the moss covered letters disappeared.  These were definitely the projects that made me most excited.  I just had to decide which I liked best and how I could mount the numbers in a way that would be clearly visible to guests entering our reception.

Have you seen table numbers displayed in a creative way?  Did you DIY table numbers or are you planning to?  What are you going to do?


  1. I did numbers that associated with favorite movie couples :)

  2. I have to tell you, I LOVE that first photo.  The peach roses are exactly the color peach I want to use in my wedding.  The little frame is cute too!  Thanks for posting. :)


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