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On a whim, I flew into a local toy store called Shenanigans to see if they had the little Hagen-Renaker figurines that I mentioned seeing on ebay in yesterday's post.  When I was little, a friend of mine collected these little animals and I assumed they weren't being made any more.  They came glued to a piece of ivory card stock.  Do you remember them?

The Shenanigans people had them.  They were in the same display I remember seeing in the gift shops that carried them when I was little!  I couldn't believe my luck!  Even better: they had the golden retriever puppy figurine.  In fact, they had a bunch in stock.  I bought one to use in some "mock ups" and promised to be back for more if things worked out.

Remember, this is kind of what I was going for (with a more whimsical feel):

So, I got to making my first rosette out of ribbon.  My execution wasn't exactly on par with that of Martha Stewart's staff.  Still, I was pretty proud of myself for having something that looked reasonably close to my inspiration...or at least the back of my inspiration. 

I liked it, but thought it needed color.  I would love to find some striped ribbon that had my wedding colors in it, but the local options are pretty limited, so I just had some solid, teal ribbon to use.

Boring. Hate it.  Not cute at all.  The plain, ivory rosette looked better than the version with the teal ribbon laying over it.  It reminded me of the kind of ribbon you wear to raise awareness for a cause.

So, I decided to make a second rosette out of the teal ribbon. The teal ribbon isn't as wide as the ivory, so this rosette didn't "sit" as well as my first one.  I either need thicker ribbon or a looser rosette for the top layer.

Marc thought the ivory alone looked pretty cute.  I didn't think it looked special enough and I think having some color on these ring bearer boutonnieres will be nice.  What do you think?  Do you like the single color idea or the more layered look?

I'll post a tutorial for this little project...once it's actually completed.  :)

P.S. Anyone remember how to get the glue/paper off the feet of those figurines?


  1. Image #4 gets my vote!  =)

  2. Great find!  I also like the double rosette (excellent job in making those!) 

  3. The last one is my favorite!! Love the colors together and think they compliment the retriever the best in that picture! Great Job! 

  4. That is just cute as can be. I love that the dogs have a puppy look about them that will great for little boys.

    If you want me to check here for ribbon, send me a color swatch and what you want and I'll look for it. There are several places in the area west of L&T that specialize in ribbon and trim items, and one, in what remains of the flower district, that is my usual go-to place.

  5. I like the double rosette mostly b/c the blue contrasts with the dog better!  Hot water soak for the feet/paper?  I feel like something like nail polish remover would work, too, but might also take off the finish or paint

  6. This is so cute! I found this site by Googling "how to get the glue off Hagen-Renaker" and now I'm hooked on your wedding plans! I also like the double rosette!


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