The thrill of "oops paint"

Do you know about opps paint? I think oops paint has a magnetic property because I can't keep away from it.

Oops paint is paint that has been rejected or not picked up by a customer at the hardware store.    Some hardware stores, like the Home Depot in which I took the picture above, have their opps paint in a pretty prominent location.  Others, like the Lowes in my town, have it tucked away so you have to do some searching for it.  If you have small projects on your to-do list, you owe it to yourself to find this section. It's a treasure trove of cheap paint.

Lowes generally charges $1 to $1.50 for a sample jar of oops paint (generally called mistint paint there) and about $2.50 to $5 for larger cans.  Home Depot generally charges 50 cents for sample jars and $1 to $2.50 for the small cans.  Over the last few months, I've built up a little stock pile for my wedding projects. 

These are just the cans I still have.  Plenty have been mixed with other colors and used up completely. 

Do you buy oops paint?
For what projects have you used it?


  1. Boozie Susie has left plenty of her own ooops paint in our house.  I don't even have to shop for it!  ha

  2. I first discovered oops paint at ReStore, the Habitat for Humanity store.  Two weeks later our Home Depot had all theirs out in a main aisle.  I was like a kid in a candy store!

    I've been using some on old cabinet doors with the intention of painting the inner flat part with chalkboard paint.  The oops paint goes on the outer molding.

    I also love to get the small tester cans of paint.  I wanted a dark grey for my chalkboard so I got one small (7.5 oz) container and intend to turn into the chalkboard paint when I get that far! :)

  3. I'm determined to get some of these in the near future. First learned about them a couple months ago. Love the idea of it.

  4. I wasn't aware of cool!

  5. If you like projects, oops paint is the paint to use.  I've painted accent walls in my children's bedrooms.  I'm not one who likes painted antique wood furniture, but some furniture I'll paint.  I picked up a wooden kitchen cabinet for free on Craigslist and painted it multi colors using oops paint.  In the center of each door panel I painted George Rodrigue's "Blue Dog".  The cabinet was used for several years in a bedroom for toys. Eventually, I gave it away on Craigslist.  The family was going to use it in their daughter's bedroom.   Oops paint = fun!


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