The rise (and fall?) of the wedding mustache

When I first started blogging, I was aware of wedding blogs, but wasn't too interested in them.  The wedding blogs started making their way into my blog reader about a year and a half ago and I quickly noticed a trend: the wedding mustache.

I did a little research out of curiosity and it seems as though the wedding mustache started showing up on the blogs in 2009.  By 2010, they were everywhere.  I don't think a day went by that I didn't see an image of someone holding a mustache on a stick on one of the wedding blogs. They felt very hip at first, but like many things hipster, I started feeling like they were getting over done.  They went from being part of the hipster weddings...

To being part of more traditional ones...

I always find myself running in the opposite direction from trends (and I have to admit I've been a little sad when things Marc and I thought about having at our wedding became trendy).  When I met with my photographer for the first time, I blurted out "no mustaches!"  She must have thought that was an odd request, but she was fine with it.

I have definitely softened a bit to the mustaches over the last year.  I created a Pinterest board just for mustache pictures so that I'd be excited to see them.  The strategy worked.

In my blog surfing, I found two different takes on the same theme that I think are really, really cool.  The second one is from a wedding that was held in a museum and it reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffanys.  I am not considering doing these myself...I think these couples own these ideas!

I can't tell you how much I love those last two photos.  They crack me up!  I bet that wedding was a blast!

How do you feel about props in wedding photos?  
Are you all about the kitsch or do you like more traditional images?  
Have you ever worn a mustache at a wedding?


  1. We had stick on mustaches in our photo booth, but none on sticks.  I think all different kinds of props are funnier than just one sort. 

  2. Don't like props, but I like Baxter.  Is he going to be in the wedding?

  3. love the fun take on props. while we didn't really have any at our wedding, I've loved using them at others. Tom and I always end up with great pictures from weddings that have props. they help get you out of your element a little bit creating more casual, fun, and memorable photographs

  4. I am SO not into the mustache trend.  I can't stand it, actually. And I don't know why. . . I guess maybe because the first time I saw a random mustache item, it was cute and clever.  The second time it was too. And then all of a sudden mustaches were everywhere.  And that just drives me bonkers. Kind of like Put a Bird on It or Owls. Or Chevron. And now I'm ranting . .

    So I think I just prefer simpler photos.  I like a really good photo that just pops because of the photographer's talent.  I did once see a great shot with the bridesmaids holding parasols, and that was cool.  

  5. Jeannine! One of those weddings is of my MOH's sister (the one with the biggest group)! Such a small world. They definitely fall into the hipster category, but had a gorgeous DIY wedding. (Here's the bride's blog

  6. Moustache photos! How bizarre. Not a trend that has hit the UK.......yet!

  7. hehe...i can so relate.  i actually had a facebook status the other day: "list of things you won't see at my wedding" and the first thing on the list was fake mustaches!  they are so overdone... perhaps it was a cute and silly idea at first but now it's a bit cliche and rather uninspired.  i do really like the animal mask museum photos! i'm planning my wedding too right now (here in cville)...i'm kind of unhealthily obsessed with wedding blogs....   we are having sarah cramer do our wedding photos. she takes such great and personal photos that i'm not going to be using any props....just doesn't seem necessary...  i think my fiance and i are crazy-looking enough already that we don't need to add any more theatrics to our day!

  8. I think we (as bloggers) might see these types of things as overused trends.  But the reality is that 99% of the population would have no clue what Im talking about.
    I think the mustaches are just as cute now as they were a few years ago.  If they help people loosen up in front of the camera, I'm all for it. 

  9. I don't even read wedding blogs and I can tell you with all confidence that if I see another mustachioed bride I will cry sad tears for the general lack of creativity in our world.  I'm all for having fun and silly weddings but I'd rather see something fun and silly that's not a meme and actually means something to the bride and groom.  Look at me all judgey about someone else's wedding!  Yikes!

    That said - I think the bottom museum pictures are great and I get a real sense of the couple.  Fun  wedding for sure!! 

  10. OKAY! Now I want some moose antlers! Fiance's nickname is Moose!


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