Quince is moving! Big sale starts NOW!

How many times have I posted about Quince, the fabulous home store here in Charlottesville?   I counted.  I think I've mentioned the store 14 times on this blog.  That's probably more than any other shop or company.  The reason is simple.  First, owner Sharon Manering is fabulous.  She's fun, creative, and seems to know when you need a little advice and when you need a little time to browse.  It doesn't hurt that she's an animal lover.  Second, the shop is a curated collection that would interest every design style out there.  Third, Quince is one of the few places in Virginia where you can buy Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams furniture.  I like that company a lot for many reasons (and Baxter likes them, too). 

Well, Quince is moving at the end of the month.  Everything in the shop is on sale from now until the move and she's also offering 20% off new orders of Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams furniture (the 20% sales are usually only once per year, for a limited period of time, so this is a big treat!).  

I'll post pictures of what's in the shop when I get home tonight.  With holiday parties coming up, I might have to run over myself and pick up some hostess gifts!

126 Garrett Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 296-0062 


  1. I'm glad they have a sale! This is my favorite home furniture supply. I can't wait to buy some furniture because I'll be moving to a bigger place soon. 

  2. Where is Quince moving to?

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