The drawback to living small

I don't push my "live small" agenda too much on the blog, but I feel pretty strongly about living comfortably without excessive consumption of goods. When I look at my blog, I think that comes across more often around holidays.  As some other bloggers are decorating every flat surface with holiday-specific goods, I keep things pretty simple around here.

But looking around Maison Small & Chic right now, with furniture and projects scattered around, I'm starting to think that a little extra space would be pretty nice.  You'll never find me in a cavernous, new home, but I've been noticing some nice project spaces built into laundry rooms lately that would be pretty nice...

Some people call these spaces craft rooms and I noticed Home Goods calls them "Mom Caves."  Regardless of what you call it, do you have one? 


  1. I would love to have one of those rooms in my apartment- I think the laundry room would be most needed- I'd love to have a space to be able to fold and organize the laundry!

  2. Ah, yes. . . crafting space.  I, too, love living in small spaces.  In fact I truly am feeling that our current home is too big for us - but we really love having a SFH style yard , and there are no smaller single family homes in our area, so here we are. 

    I have my sewing studio, but recently I've realized that because I run my business out of it, I want to keep my crafting space separate.  So we're building a little corner into our basement redesign where I can store my scrapbooking supplies, etc.  I think even if I did move to a small apartment, I'd still want either a closet room or a large corner in the living room to be dedicated to projects. I just love doing them too much NOT to have a space for them!

    Also, in my last condo I never set up a crafting space.  I kept everything in the closet and had to pull it out whenever I was inspired. That was not convenient for my creative mind.

    Sorry for the long comment!

  3. I call mine the work room. If someone said it was a mom cave, i'd have to smack them!

  4. After 20 years, my parents just did some major house renovations. My
    mom's request: a laundry room. She's really enjoyed having a larger
    space (not just the closeted part of a bathroom).


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