Cupcakes and champagne

Marc and I went to the Cupcakes & Champagne party at Charlottesville's newest bakery, Sweet Haus, last night (you may remember my post from just before they opened).  We had so much fun trying all of Tara's little cupcakes (if you're local, you have to try her Black-eyed Susan cupcake!) and sampling champagne. 

 nom nom nom

A month ago, I wrote about considering having cupcakes at our wedding.  I have always loved cupcakes, even before cupcake bakeries started popping up.  I also thought it would be a way to please a variety of tastes.  Marc's love of red velvet could be satisfied while I could stick to the classic yellow cake and chocolate frosting.   My sister-in-law suggested that cupcakes might be a fairly messy dessert item and I sort of dropped the thought. 

Sampling all the mini cupcakes last night had us thinking again.  What about mini cupcakes?  They could be eaten in one or two bites and people could try multiple flavors.   I got to googling and found some pretty pictures of cupcakes at weddings...

I have to admit I love the iconic image of a bride and groom cutting a cake, though.  I know some people order a one-tier cake to go with their cupcakes so they can have that photo, but it just doesn't seem like the same thing.  I really like the traditional cake.

The one tier option is cute...

I find the simplicity of these small cakes particularly charming, too.

But the traditional cakes are so beautiful, aren't they?

At least I've taken one step forward since the last time this topic came up: I started collecting information about the local bakers.  Cost wise, cupcakes are less costly and serving them would obviously be faster. 

If you were a wedding guest, do you think you'd have a strong preference for cake over cupcakes?  
Would you miss the cake if there were cupcakes served after the meal?


  1. We had a cake for the same reason you mentioned -- I wanted a more traditional look.  We had a lot of leftovers and I think cupcakes might have been eaten more readily than a slice of cake.

    In hindsight, I would have done cupcakes + small cake for cutting.

  2. If you love cupcakes and love the variety they offer versus a traditional cake, then you should have cupcakes.  The guests will be getting cake either way!

  3. i had cupcakes at my wedding two weeks ago. we fed each other cupcakes instead of cake! it was wonderful. i highly recommend

  4. I am probably the worst person to ask because I do NOT discriminate against any manifestation of cake. ;)  Mmm...CAKE. <3

    That being said, we had a cake at our wedding simply because I wanted the traditional look.  Oh, that and since I was the bride, I got to keep the entire top tier MUHAHA! ;)

    Our wedding was featured in Wedding Chicks:

    I can still taste that yummy cake.... <3

  5. The BEST cake I've ever had at a wedding was by brother's CUPCAKES last fall. Delicious AND beautiful. The best part was the variety of flavors and that they ordered so many that you got to eat two and even bring some home. Plus, there were gluten free options, thanks to the gluten intolerant bride!

  6. I've been to enough weddings in the past two years to have plenty of both regular wedding cake & wedding cupcakes to say that without exception the cupcakes have been better tasting at each wedding. It's to the point now that if they're serving cupcakes, I'll have one, but if it's regular wedding cake I skip it.  Most of the weddings I've been to have had 2-3 flavors of cupcakes & people really seem to like the variety.

  7. Ooh I love all your inspiration wedding cakes.  That being said, here's my two cents.  I've been to multiple weddings where cupcakes were served in lieu of a wedding cake (we also had (regular-sized) cupcakes at our wedding & for the cake-cutting part, we cut the cupcake & fed each other the halves--it was hilarious). 

    The weddings where cupcakes were served, they seriously were such a hit & noone had to wait for the servers to cut the cake.  Guests just grabbed a cupcake (some great photo ops with said cupcakes happened too).  I've seen so many half-eaten, abandoned slices of expensive wedding cake at enough weddings to say go with cupcakes!!

    But of course only if that's what YOU want. =]

  8. I adore ~* Sweet Haus*~ A friend brought me cupcakes & candy from Sweet Haus. I was bleak~ie & a tad weepy. NO kidding, when friend arrived bearing Sweet Haus' yummy, cute & stunning loot, I burst out in laughter. Then ate every cupcake I was gifted. Best Ive ever had & Ive had LOTS! Rolled me right back in good humor:)
    I decided the cupcakes so delicious, had them delivered to friends.
    *Tara* is pure pleasure to work with. Does as she promises, priceless & bet her cupcake put a grin on any one who eats them
    The candy selection, is AMAZING!
    Thanks Tara!,
    Carlin Camp

  9. I haven't tasted cupcakes from Sweet Haus, but I can tell you that one of the absolute best cupcakes I've ever eaten was by Amanda at Panda Cakes.  Here in C'Ville.  They are *amazing* -- I'm not sure what she does to those cupcakes, but they are pure heaven.  If you're doing taste tests, you must have hers in the line up!!  :)

  10. Can't get with the new trend in cupcakes.  You can have a good cupcake any day, but you only get a gorgeous wedding cake (hopefully) once in your life.  Just make sure the cake is of the same quality/good taste as the cupcakes.  Mediocre wedding cake is not worth serving (those are the ones left on the plate).

  11. Aimee@ the Functional SpaceAugust 5, 2013 at 3:28 PM

    We had cupcakes at the our wedding a loved it.  The leftovers were also really tasty straight out of the freezer!  It's also let us have lovely tradition of ordering a 1/2 a dozen of our cupcakes every year for our anniversary.  Yum!

  12. At the end of the day I think the whole "cake cutting" photo op is really about feeding each other the cake, so I wouldn't worry about having a large cake and would just go with the minis and a small tiered cake.  I really liked the two options you pictured--the tall one-tiered round and the small two-tiered square with the modern flower.  I don't think your sister-in-law is right about the whole cupcakes being messy thing though.  If you eat it with a fork and use a napkin, it's the same as eating cake!


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