Wedding Wednesday: The Registry

I have a confession: I love wedding registries.  Am I alone in that feeling?

When I get an invitation to a wedding, I can't wait to look up the couple's registry.  You can sometimes tell a lot about a couple by their registry.  There are those who don't have homes yet who register for all the necessities like appliances, towels, and sheets.  There are those who already have homes who register for fun accessories like camping gear and sporting goods.  There are the traditionalists who have china and crystal on their lists.  Then, there are the couples where the list is a delightfully random collection of items.  I can just imagine the couple at one of those "sip and shop" events that stores like Crate & Barrel and Macy's put on to get couples in the mood the register.  After a glass or two of champagne, I picture them having a grand time running all over the store, aiming the registry gun at anything and everything.

You'd think that my affinity for shopping from a registry would mean I was eager to set ours up.  I wasn't.  At first, I wasn't sure it made sense to register.  I have always been of the mindset that it's best to spend a little more up front to buy something that will last so I don't need much in the way of appliances or everyday kitchen items.  That left registering for some formal items that I don't have yet.  Which led me to Macy's in Tysons Corner last night.

The bridal registry section of this mega Macy's is pretty impressive, with two work stations with computers where consultants sit and help set up the registry and then a few work areas where different combinations of china, crystal, and silverware can be assembled.

 When my consultant handed me a clipboard and the registry scanning gun, I wished Marc was there with me.  I had a feeling he'd have fun with this.  My mission, however, was to set the registry up, add the china, and get out of there without scanning too much.  After all, I could always add items online later.

I knew the china pattern I wanted.  I saw it in person a couple weeks ago and knew it was perfect.  When I went home and googled it, I found that I actually wrote about the pattern over a year ago on the blog. It's Jaipur by Michael Aram for Waterford (which is actually Royal Doulton china).  Even though I was already sure of that selection, the consultant pulled the plates to put on the demo table.  She also grabbed a set of Waterford in the pattern I picked years ago (my mother and aunt have been giving me Waterford over the last decade).

Isn't that pretty?

I decided to pick out some flatware to go with the china.  I decided to go for heavy stainless (18/10 vs. the 18/0 that most people use for everyday) instead of sterling.  One of my aunts gave me a set of hotel silver already (silver plate) and I don't feel the need to have sterling as a result.  The consultants (two were working with me at this point) picked a few patterns and I picked a few.  I narrowed the options to one of the consultants' picks and one of mine.

The consultants' pick:

My pick:

In the end, I went with my pick.  The pattern I picked was more substantial, which went nicely with the ornate edge of the china.  It was also round, which felt a little non-traditional.  It was also mostly simple with a band around the bottom that had a similar feel to the pattern on the plates.

I thought I was done.  Scan, scan, scan, and I'd be out of there.  Nope.  Not even close.

The consultants are good.  Really good.  They packed that registry full of items.  Aside from my china and flatware, they added a $185 gravy boat, $25 tea cup lids (someone please tell me what they are mother didn't know), a tea pot, a coffee pot, more platters and serving bowls than I really needed, picture frames, a ring holder...the list goes on.   Do they do this for everyone?

They were really pushing me to put vases on my registry, but those lovely aunts have given me some gorgeous Waterford vases over the years and I resisted.

I came back to my hotel and proceeded to remove about half the items from the registry.  It's a pretty simple list now and I feel good about that.


  1. I think that your pick for flatware is far better than the consultants. Last time I registered, 1991, there was no scanner just a checklist. It was a pain. Love that Waterford Clara pattern I have though.

  2. Tea cup lids help the tea stay warm.  That's fun . . . but not at $25 a pop! :)
    Ring holders - I don't get them at all. 

  3. Good for you for going back to delete.  There is really no sense having all that stuff if you won't use it or it duplicates what you've already got.  All matching serving pieces gets to be overkill.  I like a more collected look.  Plus, you can find great deals on older pieces.  Great selections by the way!  I think it speaks well of your choice that you already blogged about it and didn't realize it. 

    Oh, and did the tea cup lids make the cup?  Just curious...  Let me know if you figure out what they're for.

  4. The lids will keep your tea warm. A few years ago there was a report that Waterford might go out of business, so I took some money out of the bank and bought the balance of your service. I need to check some notes but I think I did a service for 10 (vs 12), so please keep that in mind when finishing your registry.
    Have fun!

  5. fork, spoon, cups, plates, your pick seems sensible, lol


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