Shop Tour: Colony House Furniture's final sale

I took a quick walk through Colony House Furniture the other day to see what their going out of business sale looked like.  To be honest, it was stuffy.  There was very little that I found interesting.  I can walk into the Baker Furniture store in Georgetown and be totally excited (I have to do a post about a secret I discovered about that store).  Traditional doesn't have to be expected.  Unfortunately, a lot of what I saw at Colony House was boring.  The iphone pictures below are the best of what was there...which should tell you something.

The staff seems desperate to sell.  I was a little surprised that a saleswoman stuck to me like glue, even after I explained that I wasn't looking to buy, that I was there to cover the sale for my blog.  She said "It's all about moving things around.  You buy something today, you get rid of something you have."  Yeah.  Sure.

There were some chairs that had a Sarah's House feel...

The few things with some nail head were "custom." My saleswoman shadow didn't explain whether this sofa was a custom order that wasn't picked up or whether it was just an item that could be customized.

The casegoods were plentiful.  Some pieces were nice.

The rug selection was massive.

Some of the prices seemed great.  A few items seemed to have just the slightest mark down.


  1. Great collection with an affordable price which everyone can afford it for this furniture to make their home or office more comfortable and attractive.

  2. What an amazing giveaway! This would be a great addition to our household of architects!

  3. The red couch has taken my heart away. I want that in my new apartment.

  4. If my couch looked like anything even remotely close to that one, I could sleep and watch TV all day.

  5. I like that
    brown sofa furniture. I am more into nature colored furniture.

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