Report from the J. Crew Sample Sale

You know I can't resist a J. Crew sale!  Last weekend, I decided to check out the J. Crew Sample Sale at the Millrace warehouse in Lynchburg, VA.  If you're a long time reader, you might remember the first time I mentioned finding the warehouse stores last year.  Publishing the addresses of the warehouse stores has brought a lot of traffic to this blog.  I guess they still aren't doing much publicity for those stores.

In the last year, J. Crew has held two warehouse sales in Charlottesville and one in Richmond.  I found some great items at those sales and assumed the sample sale would be even more amazing.  I wasn't prepared for a massive line, a virtually empty warehouse, and disorder worse that the last day of the Charlottesville warehouse sale.

I pulled into the Millrace industrial park at 9:15 AM and was shocked to see security guards directing traffic.  I had never seen the parking lot full before.  As I parked, I noticed the line.  It wrapped around two sides of the warehouse.

See the dude in the hoodie making the weird face? He had a potty mouth. Two + hours in line behind him was brutal.

I met some nice people in line, which was primarily students.  The rumor was that they had let 200 people into the warehouse at 8 AM and were letting more in as people from the original group left.  Someone at the front of the line had gotten there at 6:45 AM and was still outside.  The end of the line was near the exit door and people were leaving in little spurts.  No one seemed to have massive bags of clothing (a change from the Charlottesville sales), but most of the people in line were students, so I imagine they were being frugal.

One of the girls near me in line went and got a few price lists from the front to keep us entertained.

The prices were great.  There was even a promise that J. Crew would limit how much people bought (perhaps the thwart the ebay resellers).  We were hopeful that the wait would be worth it.

We were wrong.

The amount of space dedicated to the sale was pretty small.  I assumed the sale would be bigger than the ones in Charlottesville and Richmond.  This was, after all, the headquarters.  There was a small space set up with the standard set up (boxes on tables) and a few rolling racks of dresses.  There wasn't much variety.  There wasn't much organization.  There wasn't much courtesy among shoppers (a huge change from the last Charlottesville sale).

I drove down to Lynchburg to find one last bridesmaid dress.  J. Crew discontinued the color and hasn't been able to find the dress I need.  They don't include the warehouse sale stuff in their inventory, from what I can tell, so I thought I could find that dress.  I wound up leaving empty handed.


  1. I googled J Crew warehouse sale to see if any were offered here so I could check it out for you and guess what? Your blog came up 5th in the list.

  2. Oh boo!  So sorry :( Have you thought about alternate plans for the dress?  Maybe you could find similar fabric and get a seamstress in town to make the dress?

  3. Ugh, how disappointing! But thanks for posting your experience though; I'd be wary to try the J.Crew sample sale thing myself now.

  4. Well written article.I appreciate your writing skills.Its great.Thanks for sharing your experience with us.I would like to read your more updates.Keep sharing with us.


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