Shop Tour: Leftover Luxuries

I completely forgot to share pictures from the Leftover Luxuries consignment sale that happened here a couple weeks ago.  The good news is that there is currently a second sale happening in Richmond and more sales are happening in other cities in the future.

I've always been a little surprised by the prices on things at this consignment sale.  Some items seem well priced.  Some seem unreasonable.  I finally realized why there is a bit of inconsistency.  The owners set the prices.

I guess being in the consignment business is a little tricky.  You want people to give you their things, but you always want to make them happy about the price, knowing that there is a 60/40 split (I think that's what I overheard).

Some of the consignors are stores (the Kaarstoker items below and much of the lighting seemed to be from Timberlake Lighting) and I imagine that have specific expectations about the profit they'll make on liquidating their inventory,

I recently caught two episodes of Bravo's Fashion Hunters, a show filmed in a Second Time Around shop in Manhattan.  Each episode showed the staff negotiating selling prices with people bringing their clothes in to sell.  In a few cases, the owners have left the shop without selling their merchandise. 

Love, love, love these green pillows!

The interesting thing about Leftover Luxuries is that sellers sometimes decline to pick up their unsold items after the sale!  The woman who runs the sale winds up donating everything left behind.  I heard her say that she has given sofas to charity after her sales!

Do you shop consignment sales or shops?  Have you scored some good items? 


  1. Oooh, I love the sconces. Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. wow good stuff in there. Theres a few consignment shops here but they are all way over priced to me. Like 400 for a chair over prices or 1000 for a console.


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