Introducing DesignEye...TinEye for the design crowd

Have you used TinEye before?  It helps identify images found online that might not have credits.  I only use it once in a while because I'm pretty good about using Pinterest to save my inspiration pictures.

However, just because I try to save my sources doesn't mean everyone does.  Decorator's Best, a fantastic source for fabric based in NYC, has introduced DesignEye, which is meant to be a TinEye for the design crowd.

From Decorator's Best's announcement:
When you like a pattern you found on the web but you don't have the product information, or if you need to match an existing fabric or wallpaper in your home, simply upload a photograph of the product onto DesignEye, crop the area to focus on the pattern, and let DesignEye search our site for the product.
Seems easy, right?  I'm going to give it a try...

First, I went to Decorator's Best and clicked on the DesignEye page.

I decided to upload this image from Design Sponge.  I love this wallpaper!

I selected a bit of the wallpaper for DesignEye to identify.

Drum roll....

Well, that was underwhelming.  I tried it again with another image and didn't get any results. 

Then I tried it with a fabric I KNEW Decorator's Best carries.

So it works...but it isn't perfect.  Still, it'll probably be a nice resource for bloggers or amateur decorators who might not recognize every pattern and fabric design under the sun.


  1. Wow that is pretty cool!  Thanks for sharing this I definitely am book marking that!


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