How do you take your art?

My mother visited this weekend and she laughed at Olivia.  It wasn't an "oh, this is so delightful" laugh.  It was an "I can't believe you like this" laugh.  Olivia is my favorite possession (besides my dog, but he's more of a family member than a possession).

But, I've always said that I love art that makes me laugh or smile and some people don't.  My mother, for example, likes pictures of ships and the sea.  Her favorite painting seems moody and depressing to me.

How do you take your art?  Are you drawn to certain subjects?  Colors?  Styles?  Looking at my Pinterest files, I like contemporary pieces quite a bit...

Not sure what I like about also seems moody to me.  The colors are nice, though.

I pinned this to my Pinterest boards before a local gallery had Massimo Vitali's work.  I love it!

For some reason, I love Jamie Drake.  I have a feeling he likes art that makes him laugh, too.


  1. I tend to use photos as my art.  I have a fear of hanging things on my walls too!

  2. What an individual subject. We have a lot of empty wall space waiting for us to find some paintings we love (and can afford). There is also the issue of mutual agreement with the hubs.

    As long as you like a piece, that is what matters most as you are the one to looks at it every day. Just as your Mom's choices might not be yours, the reverse applies as well. One of my sisters made a quip that "after all, your decorator had such bad taste" and I howled with laughter. I am the one who looks at the new furniture every day and I am pleased with the result.

    Enjoy Olivia!

  3. LavenderandliliesAugust 5, 2013 at 6:23 PM

    I love photography most of all. Particularly of landscapes. I also love contemporary art and simple prints. As long as it means something to me I love it.

  4. I love Olivia!!


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