Here come the airplants!

Doing a little window shopping the other night, I wandered into West Elm.  The sight of an entire display of air plants stopped me dead in my tracks.  I thought they were artificial at first, but the labels had care instructions.  They ranged in price from three to six dollars and it looks like they are only be carried in brick and mortar stores.

Air plants have been creeping into the bridal scene for the last year.  I could see them becoming as popular as succulents in floral arrangements.  Aren't they cute?

This next bride used an air plant she had at her house for her wedding bouquet.  
The rest of her reception space was decorated with air plants and succulents she grew herself.

This air plant arbor is totally amazing! 

Pretty cool, huh?  I wonder how resistant air plants are to black thumbs.  Remember my succulents?  Only three are still alive.  So, that's a 50% success rate. 

Anyone have some air plants?  How easy do you find it to maintain them?


  1. Those flowers were captured beautifully in these photos.


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