Small Spaces with Bold Color

My blogger friend Anita, who is behind the Dreamer's Den blog, always tracks down eye candy that no one else seems to have shared before.  I sometimes wonder if she is reading foreign interior design magazines online or searching for images using instead of the American version of google like the rest of us.  How else could she be finding all those amazing pictures?

Yesterday, her post was more of the usual.  Her entire post was fantastic, but the image first stopped my scrolling cold.  It was a kitchen with teal walls and an oil painting in it.  It was a small space and usually people say to keep small spaces bright, but bold color and small spaces CAN work!

She doesn't remember the source...oops!

I decided to add that image to my Pinterest files.  I've been neglecting the Pinterest boards I made for interiors in recent weeks as I've gotten more engrossed in wedding blogs.  I decided to go through and pull out some of my favorite uses of bold blue and green colors to get me back in the habit.  Enjoy...

I LOVE blue! 


  1. Oh my lord, these are my favorite colors. I'd love to paint a room with that rich teal in the first picture!


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