Shop Tour: Three Islands at Martha's Market

Martha's Market was back in Charlottesville this weekend.  Instead of trying to recap the entire show, which brings together a huge variety of vendors selling jewelry, home goods, food, art, and clothing.  Shoppers snake through the aisles to the sound of Christmas music and 15% of their purchases go to support breast cancer programs and women's services at Martha Jefferson Hospital.


I thought I'd profile the booth where Marc and I found a few things to take home with us: Three Islands.  At first, I was attracted to the patterns on the clothing...

Then, I realized that they had tunics in a variety of styles.  All were tailored (I love tunics that are a little fitted) and they came in three different lengths and a few styles. 

Once I decided on the size I wanted, the man running the booth (either Phil Barney or  Justin Goff, which I learned from their website) started pulling out all the patterns from which to choose.  There were bins and bins of options.

Marc started flipping through the men's shirts at this point.  He loves his Tommy Bahama shirts, but it's a pain to constantly be taking them to the dry cleaner.  These Three Islands shirts have the same feel, but can be washed at home.  Phil/Justin said they dry in just a few minutes.  The shirts were also versatile enough to be worn casually or under a blazer. 

Marc wound up picking a double batik shirt (stamped once, dried, stamped again).  We even got to see one of the stamps that gets used to make the shirts.  


I also learned that the company is from Rhode Island, where I went to college.  You don't often run into Rhode Islanders in Charlottesville, so that connection made me smile. 

I wound up picking out a tunic and a bracelet.  Marc found a shirt and a few pairs of boxers. 


  1. Have that exact bracelet in green!

  2. I like that little orange number, good pick!


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