The 442 square foot apartment

My 785 square foot apartment sometimes doesn't feel big enough, even for someone committed to "living small."  Yesterday, I walked into a 442 square foot space that feels small, but comfortable.  It doesn't have a mini-kitchen or a bed that tucks into the wall (though I think murphy beds are darn cool). 

Check it out...and pardon my iphone photos.  I didn't have my camera on me.

Okay, you might notice that there is no oven.  With some reshuffling of cabinets, one could definitely be worked into that kitchen.

By now you might have realized that this is a hotel room, my home for the next week.  This is a brand new Residence Inn.  Can you believe it?


  1. Way to go, Residence Inn!  Quite nice.
    I meant to comment on the wedding cake issue:  just do a cake.  You can each tier a different flavor.  Personally, for a wedding, I think one cake on a table is much prettier than lots of desserts and/or candy.
    If that stresses you out, do a wedding cake and a "groom's cake".  Have M pick his favorite dessert and let him have that! 

  2. For me the space doesn't matter as long as the pieces are properly arranged and comfortable.


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