Wedding Wednesday: Popping the question

I put off thinking about our bridal party for quite some time.  Wedding blogs and message boards are full of bridesmaid and groomsman drama and while I didn't expect any from the people I had in mind, I didn't want to worry about that aspect of wedding planing as we were searching for vendors.  

With two vendors left on our list (we need to look into a cake baker and pick a florist), I decided to think about bridesmaids last month.  Originally, I wrote down the names of people I felt obligated to ask along with the names of people I really wanted to be in my party.  I wound up with seven or eight names...which felt way, way too large to me.  I started to envision all of those people throughout different parts of the wedding day and realized that I didn't want a cast of thousands.  I wanted three people, from three different "parts" of my life.

I wanted my closest Charlottesville friend, who jokes that we are work spouses, as my matron of honor (did you know that some use "maid" regardless of marital status these days? It sounds more fun, doesn't it?).  I couldn't imagine not having my sister-in-law with me.  We've seen each other through so many different phases of life.  I also wanted a good friend who I made through my biggest passion: music.  I don't mention it much on here and my fiance's work schedule has seriously curtailed my music related travel recently, but we love seeing live music.  I especially love seeing live music with her and her husband.

Once I settled on these three ladies, I stopped worrying about my bridal party.  In fact, I stopped worrying about a lot of wedding day things.  It's amazing what feeling that support can do.

So what are these little spools?  I wish I had come up with the idea myself, but they are the creation of Esther from Etsy show Choosing You. Esther and I chatted back and forth about my wedding colors and what materials could be used for these little guys.  She had found some vintage, blue thread spools and offered them as an option.  She only had four, so I jumped on her offer. Aren't they cute?

How many bridesmaids do you think is "just right?"  How many is too many?


  1. I think 3 is the perfect number.  I had a matron of honor and 2 bridesmaids myself!

  2. I admire your approach to choosing your bridal party.  It should be people who are supportive & represent your life.  I once attended a wedding where there were12 bridesmaids (!!!!).  That's just crazy talk.  I only had 3 BMs & a maid of honor & I am so happy I did it that way b/c I really got to spend quality time w/ them. Those spools are so freaking charming!

     I might have missed this but is Baxter going to partake in the ceremony? 

  3. Really cool idea although I'd love not to include the telltale flower just so I can watch their puzzled faces when they receive this (it would also help if they are not informed that I would soon get married for maximum impact).

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  4. What a cool idea! And I love the idea of having a supportive group that will make you less stressful about the wedding in general. That's what the ideal bridal party should be.


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