Wedding Wednesday: One more vendor

From the very beginning of our wedding planning, Marc has been asking about cake.  I've been avoiding the dessert decision from the beginning because there are so many wonderful bakers in this town.  Between us, we know quite a few people who make cakes, cupcakes, and all sorts of sweet treats.  It doesn't help that I've been a cupcake fiend since long before cupcakes because fashionable.

On top of the selection of a baker, we have to figure out if we want to go the traditional route (cake for all) or do something a little more contemporary.  These days, dessert tables, candy buffets, cupcakes, and cake pops have become pretty common. 

I haven't really had any "decision fatigue" during this process, but I'm stumped on this one.  While I love the look of a traditional cake, I realize that many people don't even bother eating wedding cake.  Having a little variety might increase the chance of pleasing more people...but it will require more planning and coordination on my part.  I'm also almost positive providing a selection will mean we'll have to reallocate our budget a bit.

This is something about which I am truly undecided.  I don't know what to do!  
Your opinions and experiences would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Perhaps do a variety of smaller cakes? Smaller cakes are cheaper than elaborate wedding cakes and make for a very pretty display. You still have the issue of not everyone liking cake, but at least you can offer a much wider variety of flavors to your guests.

    Use varying heights to display the desserts! It adds dimension without an elaborate swath of flowers. You could use gift boxes (like the sturdy boxes from Nordstrom) and wrap them in pretty and appropriately colored wrapping paper. Then place the cakes on top of the boxes! 

  2. I say don't worry about other people and what they want, this is YOUR wedding pick what YOU want.

  3. I can tell you what we're planning to do (subject to change).  We're just going to have cake for dessert, since we have the budget to adhere to, and plus our guest list is pretty small (<55 guests).  Everyone will already be treated to a nice dinner and cocktail hour.  If they don't want cake, that means more for me.  (I'm serious about this.)

    I want to go the more traditional route as far as the cake's look, but I think we might make things a little different and do carrot cake (a favorite of ours) instead of white.

    Also, I'm toying with the idea of doing a small groom's cake (a southern tradition).  So much of the wedding is pretty-girl-stuff.  Would be nice for the guy to have something all his own and a nice surprise for him as well.  I was thinking about getting something related to boxing, like maybe a pair of boxing gloves, or a sheet cake with a ring and boxers on top.  That would be our one quirky-different thing, and would give people just a little more variety, but I still haven't decided if I'll do it or not.

  4. Find someone who will make a dancing bear groom's cake for Marc.  If you don't know what you want for the wedding cake, does he know what he wants?  (FYI, you are allowed to ixnay beer flavored wedding cake unless it's like a chocolate stout thing.)

    You could also enlist your friends and family to do a Pittsburgh style cookie table which would cut down on the costs (they are almost always filled with homemade cookies) instead of buying a bunch of little things like cupcakes and cake pops.

  5. Stephanie @ The CharlotteAugust 5, 2013 at 3:22 PM

    I've been dying to try a "cake pop". They look so yummy.

    For my wedding the whole cupcake craze had just caught on and so we went with it. We asked our baking friends to make cupcakes and so we had a big table with tons of different gourmet types. My Mom kinda flipped out so we had a white cake from ABC purchased the day-of with a fun cake topper on it for the ceremonial cutting. We have a lot of baking friends so it worked out well for us!

    I'm sure whatever you choose will be classy and awesome!

  6. Not that I had one, but I think a wedding cake is still a beautiful tradition. The eating of The Cake always struck me as symbolic, it is yet another part of the experience that is shared by all present.

  7. I had the same issue at my wedding.  Could not get past, for me at least, the desire to have that "shot" of us cutting the cake together.  Its such a traditional image and I realized that I wanted that photo as much as I cared about the cake. So, we had a three tiered classic white coconut cake covered in beautiful flaked coconut and flowers matching the tables and my bouquet and then passed (on silver trays collected from my family) cupcakes in three different flavors to satisfy more people.  The cake was smaller because of this, but so beautiful and meant that the leftover were all cupcakes, which was really nice since they froze great and I didn't feel like we were spending a ton of money on a photo op.  My advice- - decide what you want out of the wedding dessert.  If its about the "moment" then go with the cake; if you really just want to feed people do what you think will be most popular.  either way, make sure you eat it!

  8. I like traditional wedding cakes. I was married 17 years ago  and we had a three tier, square,  fruit cake made by my Mum and it was decorated on all 4 sides with the replica pediment and columns that were on the victorian school building where we met. It was all in white and it was beautiful,l though I say so myself!

  9. I Absolutely Adore this post and all of the inspirations in it! Your wedding cake looks
    so lovely.

    Joseph @ Kitchen

  10. I love to eat cake specially the chocolate cake. All the pics of the cake are really awesome. I want same cake on my wedding.


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