Personalized hangers: a partial DIY

Special hangers seem to be a staple for weddings these days.  Wedding blogs are full of beautiful pictures of wedding gowns hanging in quiet elegance, waiting for their owners to put them on.  No matter how many of those images I see, I love them.

I love the special hangers people use in those dress shots.  Apparently, my wedding photographer, Elisa Bricker of Elisa B Photography, does too.  She tweeted that she carries a nice hanger just in case her brides don't have one on their big day

I decided to step things up a notch and make hangers for my dress and my bridesmaids' dresses.  After looking at different Etsy sellers for a while, I realized that there is tremendous potential for these things to look bad.  I decided to do a hybrid DIY.  I ordered the wires alone from the creator of the personalized wire hanger, Lila Frances.  Complete hangers usually run $27 in the Lila Frances shop, but the wires are only $17.  After a bit of a wait (13 weeks during peak wedding season), I picked up one package of wooden hangers from Bed, Bath & Beyond ($6) and I was ready to complete the project.

Here's what I did:

1.  I had Marc use his muscles to clip the wires that were already attached to the hangers.  One clip in the middle allowed me to twist each side out of the hole in the bottom of the hanger.  I then taped the two sides together to use as a template for the personalized wire.

2.  By laying the original hanger wire over the personalized one, I was able to mark where I would need to bend the straight sides to fit into the hanger.

3.  Here's where I was a little nervous.  I used needle nosed pliers to bend each side of the personalized wire to the right shape. 

4.  Relief!  I did it!  I didn't ruin the wire!

Here's the almost finished project.  After I took this picture, I decided to paint the hangers.  I put a few coats of creamy, white paint from the mistint rack at Lowes onto each hanger, then added a clear poly coat.  Once the hangers were dry, I secured the wires in place with a couple drops of glue.


  1. What a neat idea! Love it. And I love the bridesmaids dresses! I so wish J.Crew had that color back when I got married (sigh).

  2. I love this idea. So cute and cheeky, and the 'maids dresses look beautiful hanging there!

  3. elisa was my wedding photographer as well... she's fantastic!!

  4. I wore the dress on the far right for my sister's wedding!  It looked really cute and the pictures turned out great- the blue looked awesome against her white dress.  Plus I've already worn it again for another wedding.  You are doing your bridesmaids a huge favor with those dresses!

  5. Great job with the partial DIY - it looks great and I love a deal! 

    You are right. I love a nice clean hanger for the dresses. It allows the dress itself to really shine without the hanger detracting. xoxo


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