Shop Tour: perch. in New Orleans

I love New Orleans.  Prior to last week, my visits to that wonderful city have been for the same purpose: JazzFest.  JazzFest is a music lover's equivalent of the Boston Marathon.  It's a test.  There are lots of ways to complete the task, but those who get through it by sacrificing their health a little bit seem to get a lot out of it.  Going to New Orleans for work was a first.  Luckily, a colleague and I got into town a day earlier than most and we decided to head to Magazine Street for lunch and a little shopping.

When we stepped into perch., I couldn't help but pull out my iphone to snap a few pictures.  It's been a while since I did a shop tour and I'm really excited to bring you one from far away.

The animals painted onto this highboy combined with the birch logs made me smile. 

I loved the heft of that frame and the reflection of that gorgeous, turquoise chandelier in the mirror.  

This is the view to the left when you walk in.  Gorgeous!

To the right of the door is a room set as a dining room with this massive, black chandelier.  

Yet another huge light fixture.  This one seemed made for New Orleans.

I thought I was tired of beige, but these beige patterns felt fresh and interesting.

 Striking butterflies...they might have been 3D, not just prints.

 Per the perch. blog, there's a pumpkin shortage due to Hurricane Irene.  Their solution is pretty charming!

 The staff member in the shop said "pardon the mess."  I didn't even see it because of that amazing bed.

Anyone else not tired of acrylic? I like it.

I loved these paper butterflies. There's a DIY project here, for sure. 

2844 Magazine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115


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