I spy a great deal (Leftover Luxuries sale)

I've mentioned Leftover Luxuries on the blog in the past.  It's a luxury consignment sale that features furniture, art, home decor, and some clothing.  It takes place a couple times each year in Charlottesville, Richmond, and Westport, CT.

The Charlottesville sale is coming up soon and Wendi Smith, the woman behind these fun sales, just posted some pictures of sale items on Facebook this morning.  As I flipped through, I got caught on this image:

This demi-lune table looked so familiar!  I kept flipping back to it, trying to place it.  I started scrolling through old pictures in my blog reader to track it down.  When I got to a post that Bryn Alexandra wrote earlier this month, I found the image for which I was searching.  This is the living room of client of the shop where Bryn works. 

Photo from Bryn Alexandra's and Isabella's blog

I don't know how much the table is selling for at Leftover Luxuries or if there is a pair, but I think it's safe to say that it will be marked below retail or trade prices.

Leftover Luxuries runs from September 23 to October 2 and moves to Albemarle Square this year (I assume it will be the old Circuit City location, where the Lollipop Shop just had its consignment sale.


  1. I like that table!  I meant to tell you, I just got that huge stupid catalog from RH - I've NEVER purchased anything from them, and I certainly won't just because they sent me a huge book of overpriced things!  GAH

  2. Nice!!  I hope to make it there this weekend.

  3. Are they holding another sale any time soon? I will be moving into a new house from Ryan homes. I will be needing some affordable furniture.


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