Do you "re-redecorate" your spaces?

There was a comment on Tuesday's post about Restoration Hardware's sourcebook that said there is more waste in decorating (really redecorating) than in Restoration Hardware's printing of the books.

I realize that some people decorate and redecorate and redecorate again, but I think I always assumed that practice was for the professional design crowd (and people with more money than they know what to do with).  I assumed that most of us are slowly making progress on our homes.  The pictures I took of my living room over the weekend look a lot like the ones on my House Tour page.  Those pictures were taken about a year ago.

You'll have to forgive me...I didn't prepare for this picture as if this was going in a magazine.  This is just an everyday picture (with some mail removed from the coffee table.

I think the only change on the TV side of the room might be the silver bowl and flowers.  They're fakes that I made to test my technique before making those cute, chiffon shoe clip flowers a couple months ago.  I've been toying with hanging some of my photos from France back up on the wall, though. 

The printer is the only addition to the area over by my desk.  Marc's mother gave me that for Christmas.  I had a stool over by the front door that we weren't using and I moved that over to be a little printer stand.

I'm not editing the thermostat out.  I'm sure you can deal with it.

Olivia is still in her place of prominence.  She isn't going anywhere.  The only recent addition in this photo is the moss ball that's sitting in a Revere bowl on the table.  I picked that up at a new store in Downtown Charlottesville, Roxie Daisy, a couple weekends ago.

Maybe I need to move through the other rooms in my place and compare old and new pictures to see what else has changed in the last year or so.  I'll admit that I'd love to paint the bedroom again, but I think I'll save my painting for when we buy a little house, which is our plan once we're married.

So, I'm wondering who else out there makes small changes over time and who are the serial re-re-decorators.  Fess up.


  1. I make small changes over time and if I'm throwing something away, it is either broken or so worn out it's unusable. A few times, I've sold my unwanted furniture and items at consignment shops and left things at my curb with a "free" sign--people always take it.  So I am not a serial redecorator but I used to read the blog of a woman who was.  She would pick new "themes" for her rooms, like "beach" in the bedroom, "candy" in her craft room and "coffee" in the kitchen and then buy cheap tchotchkes like new dishtowels and pre-framed prints that matched her themes and toss all her old stuff.  I know that's not your aesthetic at all (or mine) and I used to read her decorating posts with a kind of fascinated horror.

  2. I only do a total re-decorate when a room starts to look tired, and even then usually keep some items of furniture. However, I think the look of a room can be chaged simply with new art, a mirror, or cushions.

  3. Can you tell me the origins of your coffee table, round side table (between the 2 chairs), and the monogramed pillow on the chair on the right? They are all classic, lovely pieces.

    In response to Restoration Hardware: redecoration, especially with antiques and pre-loved pieces is a form of recycling unless you throwing out everything which people rarely do unless very weathy. If one is throwing out something still usable, be sure to give it to someone else who can make it work for them (or donate it). Nothing wrong with that.
    Hopefully catalogs will fade in popularity as digital formats improve & proliferate.

  4. I do a lot of rearranging of our rooms so over time they look different, but pretty much everything in them is the same. I also go shopping in other rooms of my house to find new materials for a room. When we recently redid my office space, I bought white Ikea frames and a rug, everything else we'd already had on hand. Unfortunately I admit to being wasteful with rugs, but I have allergies that lead to migraines and certain rugs, no matter how much I want to like them, can't stay in my house. Over the last five years we've purchased probably eight rugs and four are still in the house. I plan to sell the other four so that at least someone gets to use them. The other purchasing problem I have is shower curtains and curtains. I can't stop buying them. But, I never get rid of them until they're so worn you wouldn't want to hang them anyway and I always rotate through them. 

  5. I love my rooms to evolve over time. I try to buy big pieces that will stand the test of time so I can change accessories, pillows, or wall color to get a new look. I would say the only rooms I truly redecorate are my kids' bedrooms. As they grow, their needs change so we have completely redecorated a few times. That said, I still try to reuse furniture and re-purpose what we have to save money and not be wasteful.

  6. Non-redecorator.  I redecorate only when the house looks dated...maybe 10+ years or so.  I also don't move furniture.  Once it's in place and I like it there...there it stays.  I realize there are those on the other end of the spectrum, especially the furniture moving types.  Guess I'm on one extreme, but it works for me.

  7. I'd argue that lots of things are even things like clothes shopping could be taken as "continuously buying and wasting." And like getting clothes, I'd say most people don't throw out a whole wardrobe/living room and get a new set. Little changes happen every so often, and bigger redesigns happen less often.


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