Wedding Wednesday: I am a blubbering sap

I've always been a pretty emotional person.  I cry over the news and Hallmark cards.  I can remember the first commercial that made me cry.  It was an AT&T commercial set to Elton John's Rocket Man.  A husband on a business trip makes a date (via fax sent from a plane) to talk to his wife.  It killed me.  I was a mess whenever that commercial came on.

Well, now I have a new commercial that makes me an emotional wreck.  I don't even think it airs on TV. The company airs teaser ads on TV and you have to go to youtube to see the full commercial.  Want to see it?  Well, let's start at the very beginning.

Now, the first time I watched that, I was in tears. After seeing it a few more times, I have some comments.

-That is the most cheesy commercial I've ever seen and I love it.
-I'm pretty sure the dad is the guy from Scarecrow and Mrs. King.
-I don't understand why the sister's boyfriend wears a polartech vest through Thanksgiving dinner.
-The children don't seem to be allowed in the dining room for dinner.
-The cat doesn't really seem to like any of them all that much.
-Is the guy an architect? What man draws out plans for a cat condo that precisely?
-Did he feed that cat out of Baccarat?

Now, there's a whole series of online-only videos that show the couple registering and planning a honeymoon (with product placements). The final video came out last week.

It's so damn cheesy, but I still tear up over it. I hate product placements, the bridal party full of models, and the fact that the cat sleeps on a cushion made out of Imperial Trellis. But I love this dumb commercial. Even Bruce Boxleitner (I had to look up his name) is kind of charming.

What do you think? Have I totally lost it?


  1. I cry over everything like that too. I vividly remember making fun of my mom when I was little because she cried over stuff on TV, "Mom! It's only a movie!" "Mom, don't cry over that commercial!" And of course now I'm the same way. The Christmas ones where someone comes home as a surprise always get me. This cat one definitely did too. If someone asked me via kitten I'd say yes. Ha!

  2. I thought you'd lost it, until I watched the videos.  They got me too!  I've always been a sucker for cheesy movie romance, and this hits all the nails on the head :) 

  3. Oh my gosh, you guys.  Do I just have an icy heart?  I was laughing hysterically the entire time.

  4. Although I will admit that I cried during an episode of Little House on the Prairie recently - the one where the dog died.  Because my dog was sitting next to me on the couch.  If that counts for anything!

  5. Have you ever see the IKEA commercial with the lamp? (Watch it here: It's several years old. I was nearly in tears until the end.

    I've also never watched an episode of "A Baby Story" on TLC without crying. You are not alone :)

  6. The groom is co-dependent.  Good call on Bruce Boxleiter, didn't recognize him.

  7. Just bad writing.  Not based on reality.

  8. Ha ha ha ha!  You are so funny!  I would so not have recognized "Scarecrow" without your help - dude has gotten OLD!  I hadn't seen this follow up to the original commercial yet.  So glad I found your blog tonight.  Fun!  And FYI - this is one of my best friends who just happens to live in Cville:

  9. The videos are so sweet...they definitely got me too! I almost want a white fluffy kitten! I know my two yorkie girls would not approve. Thanks for sharing the commercials.

  10. I am laughing hysterically at the videos!  I cried at the first one, but the 2nd was so absurd!  I love it!  My hubby's next to me asking, "How can you watch this?!?"  Awesome.  Thank you.

  11. I'm in the same boat as Jane. I was shaking my head when you said a Fancy Feast commercial made you cry... and then I watched it. I was fine until they showed that adorable kitten's "will you marry us" collar. After that I was in tears too. LOL!


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