Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Checking in with the mainstream

I was going through some files yesterday and found a stack of wedding invitations that I saved (does anyone else save wedding invitations?).  They were almost uniform.  In fact, two were printed on the exact same paper, with the same border.  Some were from years ago, some were recent. 

Deliberately taken this way so you stalkers can't find my friends and family!
There was a time when I judged an invitation by running my finger across the text.  I cringe at how petty that is, but I thought the best invitations didn't look different.  They felt different.  I though the choices were engraving vs. thermography and that was it.  I'm glad my horizons have broadened.  

Looking through these invitations also made me realize that some people are going to open our wedding invitations and think they are strange.  They aren't white or ivory.  In fact, they have at least half a dozen colors on them.  They're square.  The text is printed, in a modern font.  They don't have our parents' names on them.  I didn't order them from a book at a stationary store. 

I'm wondering if my crowd is just more traditional that most.  If you looked at the wedding invitations you've gotten in the past, would they look like my stack above?  Or, have you gotten some less traditional invitations?

I think more of our wedding details will seem pretty common to bloggers, but a bit different to everyone else.  
I'm okay with that. :)
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  2. My favorite invitation ever came from a friend of mine since 8th grade.  She and her fiance had been planning a wedding a year or two off when they got a surprise positive pregnancy test.  For a select group of their friends, the invitation to their newly-moved-up wedding had a shotgun watermark!  

  3. Wow, I can't believe you still have our invitation! I guess I didn't care enough about all the superfluous aspects of the wedding. We basically planned everything in one weekend, because we kind of figured it was only one day so we didn't want to waste months and months planning something that was going to be over in a few hours. I know so many brides who fret about all the tiny details, and then fall into a low after it's all over. I think I went to one printer and picked one invitation out of one book, and then it was done. I've received so many different types of invitations and thought they were all lovely. How they looked wasn't important to me, I was just happy to be invited.

  4. Actually, I don't think I've seen an engraved wedding invitation in the past few years. Interesting how things change so much! Here is a great post on the differences between thermography and engraving. Apparently you can tell the difference between the two by looking at the back of the invitation. I never knew! If you want to check it out for yourself, here is the link address:

  5. i designed my own wedding invitation and they are getting printed out on monday! i am so excited!hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I also have a LIMITED edition giclee print giveaway by the amazing Lark Calderon Gomez! 

  6. I save all the invitations I get even if they're not for weddings but the most special ones seem to come from this genre. My favorite is the one with a pop-up children's book style. Really creative ideas.

  7. I love your last statement. That's kind of how I feel about everything in my life- totally common in blogland, but impressively unique in real life. :)

    I have mostly gotten pretty traditional ones recently. I think a lot of people don't realize that you CAN do something different. (Or they just like traditional things, which is cool too!)

  8. The ones I've seen typically look like what's pictured.  I recently got to go through my parents' wedding album circa 1972 and they had the same kind.  I think that's fine if you are going for a simple, classic look.  I don't really know what I'm planning to do with mine yet, but for simplicity's sake (and for a vintage vibe) I'm actually considering going with the traditional white.

  9. But also, there are some pretty unique ones!  The one I can remember right now is my cousin's wedding.  They did a casual country theme and got married in a barn, with a barbeque reception.  The guests all wore jeans.  Now that you get the vibe of that wedding, the invitations looked like they had been singed on the sides, for the country-western look.  It was pretty cool!

  10. Mine were square embossed (I love square invitations!). My stack of invitations are filled with hot pinks, bright greens, navy, and actually very few ivories and whites as the foundational color. But my crowd is mainly from NYC and Chicago, so I'm not sure if makes them more trendy.

  11. Probably not! Almost all of these invitations were for weddings in the NYC or Boston areas, where I grew up and went to undergrad/grad school. :)

  12. Most of the wedding invitations I've gotten haven't been quite as traditional as these (they usually have a little color!) but not anything I'd consider really unique. I tend to like more quirky/different/fun invitations, but I also dig stationary and typography in general.

  13. I vote for being yourself (whether its the same or different from most people)! I can't wait to see your invitation details. All the other wedding plans you've shown us looking stunning and stylish.


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