Thrifty Me, Part 2

I spent a few hours in Richmond last week running from one thrift shop to the next, looking for a few small tables.  I thought I'd write a few reviews of the places I visited.

1.  Class & Trash - 11088 Washington Highway, Glen Allen, VA 23059
I think I was most excited to visit Class & Trash after seeing it mentioned a few times on the Richmond Thrifter blog.  It was super stuffy and hot in the shop, but furniture and accessories were piled everywhere.  It was a lot of fun to weave my way around the shop.  I saw a few tables that seemed to be priced really well (one console was $38, one drop leave table was $44).  Upstairs, there was a lot of vintage kitch and some furniture that has been painted (obviously, the painted furniture was selling for a little more than the stuff downstairs).  

It was the first stop of my day, so I wasn't really ready to commit to anything.

2. Billy's Little Dodge City - 12083 Washington Highway, Ashland, VA
Billy's is about a mile or so down the road from Class & Trash, so I decided to stop by while I was in the area.  Outside, it seems a little...sketchy.  However, they had those huge tobacco drying baskets out front in great condition (I didn't look at the prices), so I was hoping for some rustic, cool items inside.

The place is huge.  It looks tiny from the outside, but the shop goes back quite a bit.  It's heavy on collectibles and knick knacks.  The furniture that's there is way overpriced.  They price as if they have antiques, but nothing looked more than 40 years old.   

In looking for a picture of this place, I found write ups on Richmond Thrifter (she has pictures of the inside) and on Another's Treasure.

3.  Goodwill (Ashland) - 10485 Dow Gil Road, Ashland, VA
I wasn't going to stop at a Goodwill, but this one was right near Billy's.  As has been the norm, I wasn't impressed at all.  There was one campaign style filing cabinet.  That was it.

4.  Goodwill (Chamberlyne) - 5270 Chamberlyne Rd. Richmond, VA
You'd think I'd learn my lesson about Goodwill from the last stop, but I gave this one a try, as it was on the way to the next batch of stores.  This was a really big Goodwill and there were a few interesting pieces of furniture among the junk.  Nothing really interested me, though.

5.  Consignment Connection - 5517 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, VA
I was really looking forward to visited this place because consignment usually means pieces have some value to them.  Unfortunately, the day I visited, they decided not to open until 1 PM.  It was only 11:30 AM when I was there and I wasn't going to wait around for an hour and a half.  I left.  If I'm back in the area again, I'd love to check it out.

Too bad.  Their Facebook photos look promising.

6.  Feathernesters - 6118 Lakeside Ave, Richmond, VA
I didn't realize that Consignment Connection is part of a string of antique and thrift shops on Lakeside Avenue in Richmond.  Before my trip, I had Feathernesters on my list, but I crossed it off just before leaving because I felt like I had too many stops on my itinerary.  With Consignment Connection closed, I decided to head up to Feathernesters.

It's a cute shop, with a tea room at the back.  Most of the pieces were painted white and the prices were a little high as a result.  While I liked quite a few little tables, I didn't want anything that was already painted.  There were a few vanities like the one I posted about buying last week.  I got mine for $35.  They were mostly $100-115 at Feathernesters.  It's a good shop for someone who likes that old "shabby chic" look (does anyone still like that look)?  Or, for anyone looking for kids' furniture.  A lot of items looked perfect for a little girl's room.

 One of the vanities...$100+ vanities

7.  Mystery Antique Store
There was an antique store next to Feathernesters, but I don't remember the name of it.  It's a big enough place, with a wide range of antiques.  There were a few items that looked a little valuable (to be clear, I wasn't looking for anything of substantial value), but most of it was average stuff from the last 40 years or so.  Prices were good, but not amazing.

8.  Diversity Thrift - 1407 Sherwood Ave, Richmond
Diversity Thrift was just the kind of shop I was hoping to find.  It's full of junk.  Good junk, bad junk, broken junk, cheap junk.  Basically, you won't find anything of significant monetary value here.  You'll find plenty of cool things, though.  Prices are rock bottom and they price progressively, so the longer the item is there, the cheaper it gets.  This is where I found my little vanity.

9. DT2 - 2219 Main Street, Richmond
DT2 is Diversity Thrift's satellite location in a slightly better location.  There isn't much there, but they aim to cater to the apartment dwelling crowd at Virginia Commonwealth University and people living in The Fan and Carytown.

That wasn't the end of my thrifting...more on my very last stop next time. 

I came home with one item after making nine stops.  I was happy, but I'm not a routine thrift store shopper.  Are you a thrift/antique/consignment shop regular?  What's a "good" day shopping at those stores for you?  How often do you go to those types of stores?


  1.  I'm a fellow at UVA this year and while I'm writing my dissertation, I am decorating my new place. I think I might checkout a few of these places.Thanks for all that great information!


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