Thank you, Graphic Image!

My birthday was Tuesday and I came home to quite a few packages at the door.  One of them contained two pretty boxes.  I couldn't fathom what they were.

When I saw the note that was inside the package, I realized that the Graphic Image ipad case that I won from Paloma at La Dolce Vita had arrived.   Isn't their company logo cute?

I thought the packaging was so pretty...and I bet the people behind the company spent a bit of time picking things out, so let's give the box a little spotlight, shall we?

Inside a fabric case was my beautiful, bottle green ipad case.  Rosella had emailed me ahead of time to see if they could also monogram my case.  Wasn't that sweet of them?

On top of sending me the case, they included a personalized date book as well!  I can't tell you how touched I was that they were so generous.  Thanks, Graphic Image folks!  I have to admit that I wish I had a Kindle so I could get the leather envelope they make for holding eReaders!


  1. Too sweet!  I love it.  I don't have any of those devices...I guess I'm behind the times!  HA

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  3. So pretty! It ended up great!!!!

  4. Speaking of monograms...I know you posted a while back about a "monogram" shop in C-ville? I am new to the area...Where do you go to get your linens, etc monogrammed?


  5. I did not mean to comment twice..I did not think the first one went through!! Sorry.

  6. That is so nice! It was great meeting you tonight and thank you for buying a board. I cant wait to read more of your is so neat!
    Best Regards,Theresa

  7. It was great meeting you and your husband to be tonight at Lowes. Your blogs seems super cool...cant wait to follow it! Have a great week, Best. Theresa

  8. Hi there!

    For the really simple stuff, you can go to The Monogram Shopat the intersection of Rio Road and Berkmar Drive. However, they just have
    those monogram machines that do the most standard fonts and styles. If you want something large or different, Atlantic Embroideryin Richmond is the best place to go. I haven't used Atlantic yet, but the
    former owner of Violets, Etc. highly recommended them when I told her that The Monogram Shop could do my pillow shams the way I wanted.

    Hope that helps!

    Have a great day and thanks for reading!

    ~Jeannine :)


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