Robert Allen vs. Pottery Barn (or peacocks vs. birds)

Remember the pretty peacock fabric by Robert Allen (for Dwell Studio) that I wrote about a few weeks ago?  I loved the colors and the whimsy of the design.  I could think of half a dozen projects (many wedding related) for the fabric.  It was a little pricey at Calico Corners, but I found it online for about $50 per yard. 

I didn't order the fabric right away.  I decided to wait a little while to see if I was still in love with the fabric after a few weeks.

When Pottery Barn's latest catalog arrived today, I almost tossed it in the recycling bin right away.  I decided to quickly flip through it because the cover had a pillow case that looked cute.  The fabric is different from what I originally liked, but has a similar feeling.

Needless to say, buying a drapery panel or shower curtain made from the fabric would give me a few yards at a fraction of the cost that the Dwell Studio fabric with the peacocks would cost.  I'm torn!

I think I like both fabrics!  Help!  

Is the Pottery Barn fabric too dark to use at an early summer wedding? 
Do you like the Dwell Studio Fabric better, even though it's two or three times more expensive?


  1. As someone in the midst of planning their own wedding, I would go with the less expensive pottery barn fabric. It evokes the similar feel of the dwell studio fabric and depending on the scale of your projects I think conveys similarly. Since the fabric is already on the more whimsical side I wouldn't worry too much about matchy matchy colors but rather similar hues and I think the pottery barn fabric gives you a lot to work with. Definitely not too dark for an early summer wedding. Just my 2 cents!

  2. I like the Dwell fabric better, BUT I think that Rebecca is right about going with the less expensive version if it's just for wedding stuff, not long-term decorating.  

  3. I agree with Rebecca and Jane--less expensive is better if it's just wedding-related. If it's more of an investment (say, wedding-related and then you use it after, too), that could be a reason to go Dwell. Is it possible for you to see the PB fabric in the store first, just to make sure?

  4. I had the exact same experience with the PB catalog yesterday! That fabric is gorgeous. I personally think it's more classic than the Dwell fabric, which makes me like it better. Add to that the fact that it is much cheaper, and I'm sold on the PB print!


  5. For the wedding, go cheap.  For general purposes, buy what you love.  Easier said than done, I know :)

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