Painted vanity reveal!

Remember this little vanity?  It was a cute, little thing, but needed a bit of help.

I removed the arms and unfinished wood block above the middle drawer and gave everything a scrub.  Then, I pulled off a few pieces of wood that had loosened up over time and used new nails to put them back into place.  The whole piece feels much more study now.

After a light sanding and two coats of primer, I went to the hardware store with Marc to see if there were any gray paints on the mis-tint rack.  On our way to the paint aisle, we ran into an old friend of Marc's.  We chatted for a while and she asked what we were up to.  When I explained that I was looking for "oops" paint, her eyes lit up and she asked if I wanted the four gallons of paint that were in her trunk.  She had two creamy white colors, a minty green, and a beige.  I happily took them.

Once home, I mixed one of her creamy paints with Benjamin Moore's Secret, the color I used when I painted my kitchen last year.

Pre granite counter tops

I used a few cups to mix test batches and eventually settled on a very light, but warm gray color.

Around this time, Anthropologie sent me a 15% off card for my birthday.  The staff probably thought I was nuts, but I used it on knobs.  While other people may fawn over the dresses or linens at Anthro, I love the hardware.  I decided the vanity, with its sad, dirty knobs, needed a feminine upgrade.

Enough is enough.  I know what you want...

A blue wall isn't the best background, but I hope you get the idea.  Isn't it a nice improvement?  Marc told me I need to sell it, but I want to keep it to use outside at the wedding.  What do you think?  Keep or sell?

Oh, I painted the arms and wood block and set them aside, just in case I DO sell it and someone wants to put a skirt on it.


  1. Those knobs are delicious on the freshly painted table.  Great job.

  2. Hi! Great meeting you yesterday in Richmond! Love your blog - your home is gorgeous and your pictures are fantastic! Look forward to following! Joanna

  3. It will be a cute addition to the wedding, and you can always sell later :)

  4. Very cute! It's amazing what paint can do, isn't it? I say keep. If you want to you can sell it down the road, but I bet you can find a use for it in that fab house of yours!


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