J. Crew Warehouse Sale report

This morning's mission was to meet my Maid of Honor and "work spouse" at the J. Crew Warehouse Sale in the old Whole Foods here in Charlottesville when doors opened at 8 AM.  When I arrived, the line snaked around the building.  As I walked to the back of the line, I wondered if anyone there had heard about the sale from my blog.  I saw a few of my students about half way to the end and they said they had gotten there at 7:30 AM.  I got to the back and chatted with the other women there about our past warehouse sale experiences.

The doors opened and everyone walked in through the shoe section.  Most stopped there, but I headed for the bridal section in hopes of finding dresses for my bridesmaids.  You see, the color I was hoping they'd wear was from the spring/summer collection and wasn't being shown in the new catalog.  I was betting that some of the dresses in that color would be at the sale.

I found two boxes full of dress in my color.  I dumped them all in my bag to sort through later and browsed the rest of the sale rather casually.  I found my Maid of Honor and we decided to sort through our bags.  I found the dress she had wanted (one of the few one-shoulder dresses) and then picked out a few dresses for my other bridesmaids (who haven't officially been asked yet, but I'm hoping I picked well).  I picked up a few more dresses for work and wound up with a tally sheet that looked like this:

Yes, I bought nine dresses...but some are for work and some are for bridesmaids.  They were $30.  I was stunned.  I assumed they would be more at first because there was a sign saying silk taffeta and tricotine dresses were $50, but that was in reference to wedding gowns (they had some of the more structured wedding gowns for more).

See that pretty woman in the pink skirt?  She's actually related to a future post! Stay tuned!

As I waited in line to check out, I found myself wondering if there is any home equivalent to this sale.  I know Restoration Hardware, C&B, and Pottery Barn have outlets, but do home stores ever have these bare-bones sales? 

Okay, spill it.  If you're local, did you go the sale?  What did you get?


  1. Hi Jeannine,
    Wow I got my picture in your blog..I feel soooo special! As you can see I got a bunch of things from the sale and to my great surprise everything fit! I scored a pencil skirt, two cashmere sweaters (I do not own cashmere and always wanted something cashmere), a winter jacket like one I had before and not thinking I tried to wash it and ruined it..but happy to have another and at a great price, also two more sweaters....I did good. Since they do get more shipments in I would love to go back and try to find some cords since I now work in the UVA Research dept I can wear fun stuff....I love cords for fall and winter!
    NO one tops your score though....wow you are the best bride ever! The girls in your wedding are honored to be in it. You are so respectful of their budget..and they are going to look like a million dollars but you did not spend a million....Love this! I love living in Charlottesville..even though I don't know you well it super nice to see a familiar face standing in line...I love small towns and always feel blessed when I meet super interesting and nice people! Hope you are having a happy week so far! I started my new job...love it so far...and my office faces the Range...I love it! Best,Theresa

  2. I did go, and I went b/c I read about it on your blog.  It was one big giant hot mess by the time I got there at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon.  I was a little disappointed, honestly, that things weren't actually cheaper.  But, I don't buy anything at JCrew full price anyhow, I pick all mine up at SalArmy and Goodwill for next to nothin' so I hemmed and hawed over spending $30 on a dress out of a trampled bin on the floor.  (I am SO cheap!)  There were too many boxes, too many people, and I hadn't really planned ahead and worn tank top and spandex shorts, as I should have to be able to try things on.  (Next time).  I gave up and assisted my daughter who found scads of lovely dresses to fit her adorable size 6 frame (there was a LOT in her size).  She was much more willing to spend than I was and loved her little selections.  Next time I would:  Go earlier.  Go next to naked.  Have a specific list of things that I thought were really good deals and focus on those and those alone.  I kept getting distracted by the cashmere!  Thanks for the heads up, glad you had a successful venture. 

  3. Thanks for reporting! I just heard about this today so I'm hoping to make a trip later this afternoon.

  4. LavenderandliliesAugust 5, 2013 at 3:16 PM

    I am so jealous!

  5. Got these in black for $30 - http://www.jcrew.com/womens_special_sizes/size512shoes/size5/PRDOVR~36165/99102223863/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~~~20+17+4294966925~90~~~~~~~/36165.jsp

    and these in sand dune for $30 - http://www.jcrew.com/womens_special_sizes/size512shoes/size5/PRDOVR~36340/99102225247/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~~~20+17+4294966925~90~~~~~~~/36340.jsp

    We got there about noon today and items were already mixed up by size.  The shoes seemed to be sorted well, but you'll have to be patient to sort through boxes of clothes.  I found some scarves for $8.

    It was busy, but people were nice as well as the staff.  The checkout line was efficient and quick.  I wish I had longer to spend there.  Enjoy!

  6. Is that the camper?

  7. Sort of...there are a few high end furniture sales with up to 2/3's off. Grange has an outlet in Secaucus, NJ which is good, and the quality if their pieces is excellent. Last year Baker had a first with a major sale at their NJ distribution center. They have sales at their NY showroom; however, they are just okay. I went to a sale yesterday that was very good. The owner of Valley Furniture in NJ is going on "permanent vacation" and passing the reins to his daughter. They just started a great sale to clear out the current stock (mostly traditional and a big selection of Stickley). There were real gems in there and we were able to negotiate another discount over the tagged price. Still didn't find an entertainment center but found a nice sofa table and area rug for the office. This is the second time in the past year where a daughter has taken over the family business and they have had a big sale (45 - 55% off) to clear out inventory. Last year we got 2 nice occasional tables (Baker & Maitland Smith) at really great prices.
    I'm keeping an eye out for another Baker sale in case a particular entertainment unit happens to make it there. Glad you were so successful at your sale today!

  8. Wow.  What a great find!  

  9. How do you find out about this sale?  Do they have it yearly??


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