It's a good day

Today's my birthday and I'm so happy with where I am right now.  Wedding planning is under control, I have three different furniture projects going (you all know how much I love to paint, right?), and I already received a present I really, really wanted (more on that tomorrow).

What's more, I got a lampshade...

Baxter had a cut last week and while I was away at a conference, it turned into a hot spot (due to his scratching it). So, the cone went on and a trip to the vet was made.  He'll be just fine, but he's on steroids and antibiotics.  We learned that steroids seem to make dogs really thirsty...and they also dehydrate them.  So, after a few accidents at home (his first accidents in the house since he was a baby), I started taking him to work with me.  Another bonus.  Who can have a bad day when this is sitting next to their desk?

Hope you're having a great day!


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