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I don't want to give too, too much away about our invitations, but one element of them is my inspiration for other wedding related projects.  This isn't exact, but this is a little taste of what it looks like:

I love the colors in that design.  I plan on using fabric as the backing for an escort card board and started to search for the right fabric.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring the invitation sample with me and was blinded by this Imperial Trellis imposter at U-Fab.  The pattern is feels so wonderful!  It's a fabric by Iman and it was super cheap at U-Fab...maybe $24 per yard?  It was selling for $40 or so per yard at Calico Corners.

But this trellis pattern is decidedly modern and my little inspiration image is a little more organic and vintage in feel.  I bought two yards of the trellis fabric and tucked it away in the closet for another day.  Then, I went back out to the fabric stores to find a better option.

My first stop was The Second Yard, a beautiful store that has furniture and fabric located in downtown Charlottesville.  The Second Yard tends to have pretty traditional fabric options, which seemed perfect for this project.  I found one fabric that might had that organic and slightly vintage vibe and the blue was pretty...

But I didn't love it.

I went back to U-Fab and saw one contender, but I again thought it was a bit too modern. I loved the colors and the sheen on the fabric.

I even drove north of the city to Fabrics Unlimited to check out their selection.  I only saw one possibility, but it seemed like a nursery fabric.  The price was fantastic, though.

At this point, I was getting a little discouraged.  I decided to stop in to Calico Corners just to see what was there.  The last time I went in there, they only had traditional, boring fabrics.  I was pretty surprised to see that things were a little more exciting there.  The prices are still inflated, but they have some really wonderful fabrics, both modern and traditional.

After looking around for a while, I found a fabric in a few different colorways that had birds on it.  I thought it was charming.  The prices were not charming.

Maybe these were too traditional?  After all, my little inspiration piece is a little whimsical.  It didn't seem to go with those birds.

Finally, I found this Robert Allen for Dwell Studio fabric.  While the colors weren't right, the feel of the fabric was.

 After looking around, I realized that it can in a blue colorway...they just didn't have that in stock.  They let me borrow it, though, and it's perfect.  The $70 per yard price didn't seem reasonable, though.  A quick check online showed that Dwell Studio sells the fabric for $56 per yard.

Just this morning as I wrote this entry, I googled the fabric to find a picture of it and found that another Charlottesville blogger, Marissa of Roost Home, had the fabric on her blog a few months ago.  She hosted a giveaway for pillows made out of the fabric. I didn't remember seeing the fabric before last week at Calico Corners despite having entered that giveaway!

I'm close to sold on this...though in searching for the fabric online, I found some other beautiful options.

Should I keep looking or do you think I've found my fabric?


  1. Try I bought 30 yards of a different Robert Allen Fabric at a deep discount. Sometimes has yardage of it too.

  2. First of all, I LOVE the sweet banner and flower motif! It is perfect.

    Also, U-Fab used to have the Reigate pattern in stock, selling for much less than $50/yd (though I can't remember the exact price). They will special-order fabrics for you, maybe they can get a good price on the Vintage Plumes?

  3. I would NEVER order a Robert Allen fabric again. The order did not match the sample clipping and it took a lot of effort to get a credit. The whole experience with them was awful.


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  5. 20% off at The Second Yard till August and then the yearly sale starts.  New fabrics coming in all the time! 


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