Wedding Wednesday: Flower time!

I had my first appointment with a florist last night and had to revisit my Pinterest boards to show her my inspiration pictures.  It was really interesting to hear a florist talk about the pictures I've been staring at for a few months now.  She actually changed my mind about a few things.

When I first saw this bouquet on Holly Chapelle's blog, I loved it.  I was convinced that I wanted almost an exact replica of it, without the flowers (and maybe with a blue ribbon).  The florist had me pull up a picture of my dress and very gently suggested that the bouquet was a bit too busy for my dress.  If I had a simple, sleek dress, the bouquet would be great, but my dress has a lot of detail and a slightly more simple bouquet would probably look better.

After that discussion, I quickly pulled up another Holly Chapelle bouquet that had the same feel, but was more simple.  Ignore the color here...this is about shape and style.

The florist also told me that our wedding date was the absolutely perfect weekend for peonies.  What's more, the peonies would be local!  She said that peonies are often flown in from the west coast or Central America later in the summer.

From there, we started talking about table arrangements.  On my way to the appointment, I talked to my mother and she told me that arrangements at a wedding she went to over the weekend had hydrangea in them and she thought that was very different.  I had to laugh.  I think Jersey wedding flowers are traditionally a little more over the top than flowers elsewhere.   It sounds like the flowers at the wedding she went to would have fit in almost anywhere in the south, but seemed revolutionary in New Jersey.

If you've watched Four Weddings, you've probably seen a Jersey wedding...rooms are drenched in colored lights, flowers are packed into top heavy vases and erupt like waterfalls from the top, with crystals and bling dangling between the stems. It's two parts wedding, one part theater (go here...have fun looking around).

We're going for more organic, pretty arrangements...with hydrangea and plenty of peonies.  Some recent inspiration...

Isn't that better?

There's one thing I didn't show the florist that I wish I had.  I saw these flowers on moss letters and loved them!  I already have the moss letters made...maybe we can do this, too.


  1. I love, love, love peonies!  I think they're perfect for wedding flowers.  And that arrangement above, in the wooden planter box, is my fave.  So lovely and summery, but still simple.

  2. I love the flowers hanging from the moss letters. You should definitely do that for your wedding if you can. So gorgeous!


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