Thrifty me!

I spent a little time in Richmond last week and I found my way to Diversity Thrift, a huge store in an area of town full of warehouses.  I was looking for an old table for a specific purpose (to be revealed in the future).  It had to be old, but not a precious antique.  I wanted to paint it, but would be happy to find something that was a little banged up.  

After visiting quite a few antique and thrift shops, I finally found this little vanity perched on top of a desk in the very back of Diversity Thrift.  I liked the shape and the fact that it was sturdy.  I couldn't figure out what the arms on the table were, though.  Anyone know what those are for?

I figured I could remove the arms pretty easily.  The price was perfect...$35.

It even came with a glass top, though I might not use it in the end...

I like the rustic top a little bit better than the top with the glass on top.  

I visited seven different thrift stores in Richmond on the quest for this table.  I never seem to have much luck at thrift stores.  Erin at Richmond Thrifter makes finding treasure at these shops look easy!

Are you a thrifter?  Do you have luck routinely or do you only score great items once in a while?


  1. The arms on the front are for when you put a skirt around the vanity -- allowing you access to the drawers.

  2. Great find! I think I prefer it better without the glass top as well.

  3. exactly right...had one in my childhood bedroom with a skirt mom made.

  4. I have that very table and it even has all the little pinholes all over the sides. When my mother bought 25 or more years ago, she told me that it was an antique watchmaker's table. I'm not sure what the folding arms are for and mine are long gone. These days, it's cobalt blue and being used as a desk/end table in my younger daughter's room.

  5. Cute table!  I'm moving my daughter into an apartment in the Fan, because she's starting at VCU, and maybe we can find some stuff there.  I used to be a thrifter, but not so much anymore.  I did get all my everyday dinner plates--white Syracuse china, because I like regionally made dinner/diner ware--at the Cherry Ave. Salvation Army for something like twenty-five cents a plate.

  6. I had one of these too years ago - poster below is correct about the arms.  This table was meant to have a skirt all the way around.  The arms pull out and Voila - drawer access.  Now you get to have fun with fabric!  I remember I did mine with Velcro to attach.

  7. I have been looking everywhere for one of these...want to sell it?

  8. We have a  table with those same arms. Thanks for the info on why they are. 

  9. So fun to read about others that had one of these tables like me.  Mine also had the arms and were covered with fabric - my mom used colored thumbtacks to hold the fabric on. I put pictures under the glass. I would so like to find one of these for each of my granddaughters. I may have to head over to Richmond myself.


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