Behind the scenes at Church Street Bridal

I have this bad habit of not taking all of my vacation days at work. I decided that I would take a few to spend volunteering at the YWCA in Lynchburg, VA, where Church Street Bridal is located. I wrote about Church Street a few weeks ago (here, here, and here) and between that blog post and sharing information about it on a wedding message board, I think they've gotten some new business! One girl drove there from Ohio! Others have worked with the manager by email to get dresses shipped...even to as far away as Australia!

My days were so much fun, but a lot of work.  Wedding dresses are heavy, kids.  I think I have new definition in my arms thanks to lifting Pnina Tornai's ten pounders. I have new appreciation for Monique Lhuiller's light, lacey dresses.  I'm helping Church Street get their blog going and U;kk sgare the photos that I helped with in a few days.

I feel the need to share a little bit about the wonderful people behind the scenes at this great shop. I had such a nice day with them yesterday and will be headed back to spend another day with them today.

First of all, there's Michelle Duncan. She isn't just the manager of Church Street Bridal, she runs all the special events and programming at the YWCA. One top of that, she has a small business on the side, Ella & Anne Handbags. These beautiful, handmade bags are going to get their own post. They're fantastic!

Yesterday, Michelle was serving as stylist for a photo shoot with dresses from New York based dress company, Fancy. Fancy dresses are very retro...the photographer (more on him in a moment) commented that they looked like they were right off the set of Mad Men.

There were three staff members/models, at least 9 dresses, and piles of accessories and shoes to use for this shoot.

The photographer for the shoot was Lynchburg-based photographer David Duncan of David Duncan Photography...who also happens to be Michelle's husband. It was really interesting to hang out in David's studio and watch him direct this shoot.

David is an adjunct professor in the art department of Randolph College. He was great at talking with the models (all employees of the Y!) about what he wanted them to do.

The entire Church Street Bridal team was so much fun to work with!

David's photography is going to be part of a new blog that Church Street Bridal is about to launch. I'll share that with you as soon as it's ready. For now, check out this "outtake" from the shoot. Rita, the model, was joking around with a fur wrap and that turned into these shots...


  1. Thanks for the write up and all your help last week. Your blog looks great!

  2. I bought my wedding dress at Church Street Bridal 3 years ago.  What a wonderful way to help support the YWCA!  And of course gorgeous dresses and fantastic staff!

  3. I'm so glad to see you writing about Church Street Bridal! It is a great place; especially since the profits from the shop go into the YWCA's programs, specifically the Domestic Violence Prevention shelters and programs. Once you know the good your purchases pays forward, it's an even better reason to visit Church Street Bridal!


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