PSA for Etsy lovers: Check out Heartsy

I love Etsy.  I always find myself getting lost in the site because I feel the need to research every option for something before I make a purchase.  I always think I'm missing someone with a better deal or a more meticulously made product.  When I first heard about Heartsy, which is sort of like a Groupon site for Etsy, I had my doubts.  However, I've found that they do a nice job of curating Etsy sellers and I like what I find through them.

I ordered these forks about a month ago with a voucher from Heartsy.  Between the voucher and the credits they gave me when I first signed up for the site, I think I paid $5 for these. 

If you're a regular reader, you know that I don't push products or websites too much on here.  I'm writing about Heartsy because I really like it.  They haven't compensated me at all.  In fact, they'll probably never see this post.


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