Me vs. permanant marker

I normally don't care about the permanent marker line that the J. Crew factory in Lynchburg puts over labels at their special sales, but when I got these shoes from their bridal sale in Richmond a few months ago, I was a little sad that they were marked.  After all, I'm a big fan of wedding shoe photographs and want my shoes to be perfect.

I decided to see if I could lighten the marks or remove them completely.   My first thought was to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on them.  That thing works wonders.  A quick scrub definitely lightened to permanent ink, but it seemed to leave a little discoloration on one of the shoes.  I didn't want to do more damage, so I took to the web to see what other tactics could be used to get rid of the marks.

Quite a few websites recommended blotting the marks with rubbing alcohol and hairspray.  I don't keep rubbing alcohol in the house (I don't even know what to use it for) and I don't use hairspray.  However, after rummaging around in my bathroom closet, I found a bottle of Suave hairspray.  I imagine that the one time I used to the stuff, I grabbed whatever was cheapest at the store.  Looking at the label, I found that the first ingredient in hairspray is alcohol, so I decided it would suffice.

The hairspray worked pretty well!  I don't know why, but the marks were fading.

I feared that the hairspray was affecting the gold lining of the shoes, so I looked though my toiletries for something that had alcohol in it, but not as much as the hairspray.  My hope was that it would be less harsh.  I found a bottle of Tend Skin.  The ingredient list started with water and was followed by alcohol, so I gave that a try...

I started alternating between the two and managed to fade the marks quite a bit.  Per the sites I found, had I tried this when I first bought the shoes, I might have had more success. 


  1. From a chemist here....I would have used a dry erase marker to cover it up and the a rag to wipe it all up.  It would have not wiped the gold like the hairspray did....

  2. cut and glue a cute little oval of scrapbooking paper(or something similiar) over the whole thing.  a little floral pattern would be cute.  the photographer won't take pics of your shoes once you put them on so it doesn't matter if your temp fix won't last.  good luck!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I see a lot of shoes on eBay that I've love to purchase but I hate the black mark. Glad to know there's a way of getting rid of it. : )


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